Blake Bowden

The Grand Lodge of Texas | Waco 4K

The Grand Lodge of Texas is located in downtown Waco on Columbus Avenue in an imposing building with design elements on its front which include two stone bas-reliefs portraying the building of King Solomon’s Temple created by world-renown sculptor, Raoul Josset. Its interior includes the business offices of the Masonic Grand Lodge of Texas, two auditoriums with the seating capacity of 3,800 and 600 respectively, a library that is dedicated to Masonic and Texas history, and a Museum. The Museum is filled with diverse exhibits ranging from a 4,000 year-old terracotta cone from Ur to a letter that has traveled to the Moon and back with Buzz Aldrin. Other exhibits include artifacts that describe Masonry, Texas History, military and the Holocaust with miscellaneous items mixed throughout the approximately 11,000 square foot area dedicated to the Museum.

Blake Bowden, Oct 10, 2017