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  1. Bboc

    Full Form Lectures

    yes we do in tn We give the full ceremony from memory in tn. With the exception of 2. 1. Being when there are several mm then only the last one raised gets the full. To save time all are raised properly but only the last is the long performance. 2. Being when the grand master of the state of...
  2. Bboc

    I am torn

    Thanks guys I really needed those words of encouragement. There was some real good thoughts on here thank you for helping me.
  3. Bboc

    I am torn

    What should I do. So we just had our elections. And I was not selected to be a js like I wanted. I have been filling the position of ss every Monday night because the curent ss has a full time job. I was raised on feb 8th 2010. And quickly became a 32nd degree mason. I am always at the lodge...
  4. Bboc

    Android Apps

    I have an iPhone4 but this is what I have.
  5. Bboc

    What Are the different degrees that y'all have seen

    I'd reather see the clowns running around out in the distance. I have adhd so if I get bored watching the mm degree for the I can't tell you how many times I've seen it. I can have a little giggle. Eew bird. Damn ADHD.
  6. Bboc

    What Are the different degrees that y'all have seen

    I'm from tn. So I'm sure we have some of the same and some diff would love to hear from you Texas boys. And especially the brothers from outside the u.s. These are all mm degrees. Moonlight - out in the moon light. 40 and plumb - 40 miles from lodge and plumb in the middle of nowhere . Blue...
  7. Bboc

    What Are the different degrees that y'all have seen

    What Are the different degrees that y'all have seen. I'll put my post on here after this It's easier from the iPhone.
  8. Bboc

    Jackass 3D

    That dose look really funny. High five.
  9. Bboc

    The next NEXT step completed!

    Corgrats I haven't done York rite yet but Scottish rite is even more life changing than the third so I hope you stay on the Masonic path. You will enjoy it.
  10. Bboc

    My new desktop wallpaper

    In tn the fc wears it like a mm
  11. Bboc

    I'm a Freemason because....

    I'm a mason because I love the food. Just kidding sorda. But really I became a mason because of 3 sgts I knew while I was in the army didn't become one till I was a civ. I'm still one because it gets me outa the house once a week to socialize with a great group of guys help new ones coming in...
  12. Bboc

    Masonic wedding
  13. Bboc

    Masonic wedding

    Have any of y'all ever heard of this before?
  14. Bboc

    My new desktop wallpaper

    Wow there's at least one difference from tx and tn.
  15. Bboc

    My new desktop wallpaper

    I guess I'm just used to them being like this.