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  1. Bloke

    Entire Progressive Line quits!

    Sounds like they are on a path to damage their lodge... but as you say, not your problem now..
  2. Bloke

    New member soon to be initiated

    Greetings and welcome ! That's me !
  3. Bloke

    Entire Progressive Line quits!

    I've struggled in both my Craft Lodges at times, but for different reasons. That said, I once thought I (as a PM) would have had to stand against my proposer for the election of WM. He wanted it so he could say he was in the Chair more than any other PM in our Lodge. He was a good enough Mason...
  4. Bloke

    G.A.Thompson 79

    Greetings Brother I agree with Bro Cook. GL's will release his record to you of a deceased member. Even if he was a member of my lodge, we would likely not have a record of him, but our GL would..
  5. Bloke

    Freemasonry in the Colony of Victoria (Australia)

  6. Bloke

    Masonic education topic idea

    I would say "the kids are always listening" meaning that to train the next generation, who will often learn via osmosis by watching and listening to your officers, your officers need to set the standard and make sure their work is accurate. When delivering ritual, even in the opening and...
  7. Bloke

    Anyone from Malaysia?

    Did you have specific questions ? Yours is very broad.. You might start here Or if you want a book, I suggest "Freemasonry for Dummies" by Chris Hodapp
  8. Bloke


    Greetings and welcome !
  9. Bloke

    New Member

    Welcome WM and fraternal greetings from Australia !
  10. Bloke

    Masonic websites:

    I was in here looking something up.. and I know this is kinda necro posting, but I do like keeping info in one place... It was also interesting to see how many of those web sites are dead - no doubt an enthusiasm for a time, but not sustained.. Ours is still going after 15 years but is not...
  11. Bloke

    Red and Blue Aprons: What's the difference?

    Mate. That's off topic and hence spam...
  12. Bloke

    Welcome to the new My Freemasonry!

    Thanks for your efforts Bro Blake - I hope it was not too painful !
  13. Bloke


    Thanks... still not really seeing that as a chisel.. I was hunting for a good pick for you and found this Nice !
  14. Bloke

    Raised to the Sublime Degree, August 28, 2021

    Congratulations !
  15. Bloke

    Hello from Tulsa, Akdar 555

    Greetings and welcome from Australia :)