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  • Bro. Benjamin i saw a post you had a while back about protecting your light. Can i have some information or notes from that lecture especially about the colors and the screw.
    Greetongs Bro. Bruce how are you I'm in Duncan,SC and I meet a Brother but when I told him I was Prince Hall mason his whole attitude change.. Then a brother told me we are not reconized here. Is it true?
    hello my brother i am in Texas, the DFW area, so is it an option to use Masons of Texas for rainbows
    Pleasure to read you posts, Bro. Benjamin. I hail from PHA Bivouac Lodge #503 in Winston-Salem. I grew up in Lumberton, NC.
    Merry Christmas brother! Hope you had lots of family and friendship in your day.

    Here's for a Happy New Year to go along with all your many blessings.

    ... jwhoff
    Greetings Bro. Benjamin from Right Step Military Lodge # 636. Bamberg, Germany. MWPHGLoTX and It's Jurisdiction.

    PM DeLoran Jackson
    Greetings Bro Benjamin I am trying to find out if the ritual for the blue house has been updated since 92 when I was raised as a Prince Hall Mason, Have been in search of the ritual that i have as to get a copy that hasnt been so worn any info on this is greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance
    Bro. Whalon
    So Mote It Be
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