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    Saudi Arabia Secrete Lodges?

    It wouldn’t be much fun being the only Mason in a country either. One of the most enjoyable parts is meeting other masons in your lodge regularly and visiting other lodges.
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    The Criticality of our Individual Degrees and Catechisms

    Yes. I’ve been a mason in England for over 20 years and I’ve never heard of them. I read the article and I don’t think we have an equivalent here either, apart from learning the answers to some questions asked by the master in the degree, but I imagine that’s the same in North America anyway? I...
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    Master Mason Pocket Certificate

    I’m in England and got mine about 20 years ago. Unfortunately it came in an ordinary brown manilla envelope! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a hardback one. I agree it would be a cool thing to have, although it probably won’t be long before the paper / velum certificates are replaced with a...
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    Bless you brother.
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    The UGLE has also started a Justgiving page to help the refugees. Brethren have added £124,000 to the UGLE’s £50k in only a couple of days. I am sure some international contributions will be thankfully received and faithfully...
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    Fraternal greetings brethren everywhere.

    Hello Rob. Welcome. My mother lodge is Herongate 4960 in the Province of Essex, but I am down the road in Milton Keynes now.
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    UK talks about Esoteric filter for thier ISPs?

    My company web filter, designed to stop access to porn, chat rooms and software downloads etc. also blocks access to anything Masonic. It says access denied: "religion" !!! I don't think there's anything deliberate in this though. These rules are usually managed by misinformed young geeks, so...