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Dec 23, 1980 (Age: 37)
Fairport, NY
VA-Canandaigua NY


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    1. Eliah
      Thanks, give it
    2. Eliah
      Am from Tanzania, am interesteing to become a member of the fraternity
      1. CLewey44
        My friend the best advice I can give is for you to seek out local lodges and contact them in person if possible.
        Aug 19, 2018
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    3. JamestheJust
      Since you liked my post of Fuxi and Nuwa, I might recount an experience. I was making love with my wife and we were holding hands and I noticed a ball of light surrounding the hands. And two of our feet were touching and there was another ball of light. I thought: hand to hand, foot to foot, I recognize this.

      Done properly the FPoF form an energy circuit with the GAOTU and the 2 initiates.
    4. Warrior1256
      Brother I added a bit more explaination on the One Day Festival reply since you "liked" it that explains my reasoning further.
    5. Abidoye Aina
      Abidoye Aina
      Please guide me how to join this brotherhood please
    6. nonso
      greeting sir. please i really wanna become a member of this brotherhood , i have been been looking for a means on how to join for years now but all my effort was abortive, please i need your assistance please help a brother who is willingly to become one of your group please ,
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    7. LordMore
      Hello sir please I am a nigerian based in Acrra Ghana I need you to give me referral information on how to become a Mason please I've always wanted to be a Mason. Help me.
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    Dec 23, 1980 (Age: 37)
    Fairport, NY
    VA-Canandaigua NY
    Home Lodge:
    Fairport-Flower City #476
    Grand Lodge:
    New York
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    Being a Master Mason has so far been one thing I am most proud of. I learn something new everyday and I always look forward to e-fellowship here since I am only around fellow Masons typically twice a month.

    I was entered, passed and raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason at Edmond Lodge 37 in OK but I hail from Tuscumbia, AL in the Shoals area, or Muscle Shoals. If you're a rock/soul music buff of the 60s and 70s, you've heard of where I'm from. I recently moved to the greater Rochester, NY area and love it so far. I have recently been affiliated with my local lodge at Fairport-Flower City #476 in Fairport, NY.

    I am a movie buff (pre-1994), music, old school wrestling, heavyweight boxing from the late 50s thru the early 90s and I know a thing or 2 about NBA history. I played a lot of basketball back in the day but realized the last few years that basketball is a young man's sport.

    My main hobbies now are gardening, playing with my kids and trying to get more involved in my community. I like to read some too and now that I've discovered this rabbit hole called Masonry, I love reading even more.

    I have been doing some writing as well and had the honor of being published in the Journal of the Masonic Society in 2017 and should have another being published later in 2018.

    I've recently been drawn towards the esoteric side of Masonry. I don't think anyone would have put in the time required to write such a beautiful allegory ,as in the Blue Lodge and beyond, for us not to explore it further and more often than we as a whole typically do.


    J.Clint Lewey

    Fairport-Flower City Lodge #476
    Fairport, NY, USA
    Grand Lodge of New York

    Toronto College #20,
    Toronto, Ontario, CAN
    Societas Rosicrucians in Anglia

    “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”
    ― Socrates
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