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    How to join
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    Traditional Observance Lodge in Houston, TX

    I like 'em. They give me an excuse to post kewl memes...
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    Masonic Podcasts

    Fortunate, not a "difficulty" for those seeking Light...
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    Masonic Podcasts
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    I want to be a Freemason
  6. coachn

    Gently nudging a prospect to join

    If you're thinking we have a net to capture prospects with, you're not attracting, your capturing. Ya see there... you're PROMOTING, rather than ATTRACTING. NOT a good long term strategy and above all, it'll turn good people off to the point that they will build a wall and it'll bring in only...
  7. coachn

    The meaning of being a freemason?

    Considering the general availability in your country, a different path makes sense. And that different path may actually attract the attention of Freemasons.
  8. coachn

    The meaning of being a freemason?

    AWESOME! There are many paths; Freemasonry is but one. Find the one that best suits your temperament, mores, and interests. I wish you well in your pursuit.
  9. coachn

    The meaning of being a freemason?

    I did read it originally and once again after you responded. It does not answer the "why". Hence the question: WHY do you "need to know what is the meaning of joining the Freemasonry, 'and I do not mean here personal benefits, but the public ones'. "