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    How to Join?

    If you took the time to use the search feature, rather than ask to have somebody do the work for you, you would have gotten this:
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    Inner Guard, or Sentinel

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    some one asked

    "The Premier Grand Lodge, which merged with another Grand Lodge in ~1813 to become the United Grand Lodge of England, was founded in London in 1717". OR "The Premier Grand Lodge merged with another Grand Lodge in ~1813 to become the United Grand Lodge of England."
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    I have received 6 Blackballs

    ...ceramic and rubber neither feel nor behave the same.
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    some one asked

    Just agreeing with you and adding the UGLE info as it was stated in the thread above that it was "created by a group of London and Westminster lodges". (Not by you though)
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    some one asked

    Yep! AND UGLE was formed around 1813 when The Grand Lodge of London and Westminster (The Moderns) and that other GL, "The Grand Lodge of England According to the Old Institutions" made up of The Ancients, merged. UGLE was NOT formed around 1717. That was a different GL.
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    After 29 years of being Mason in-name-only, I am publicly dropping the bomb

    So, you let the ODC issue stop your involvement in the organization... Having "experienced" the three degrees in the standard format/way, and thus holding yourself out to others as being superior for this fact, I have only one question for you: What Work, that the three degrees asked of you...
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    PHO vs PHA

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    I have received 6 Blackballs

    You have guessed wrongly. I read your posts in their entirety quite a few times so as to assure I was not reading anything into them. After that, I merely focused upon your behavior. That was enough. No. We take "GOOD" men and provide to them a path that they can take to make themselves...
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    Hello my brothers the free builders
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    I have received 6 Blackballs

    You're the one who's complaining about being blackballed, justifying lying as your worthiness to join,and selling your soul to join a group of criminals and whoremongers. RANDY SEE: The reason of my blackballing is... 1) ... because I had a past lover who was also a lover of a mason from a...
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    Freemasonry AS religion?

    Looks like we just got spammed by a drive by! Time to ignore yet another one.
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    Book recommendations