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    Why I demited out of York Rite

    Most people in Texas may not be aware of this, and I cannot remember the date but it seems like in 2006 we adopted the Cap and Mantle as an official uniform of the Grand Commandery of Texas, and you can wear it as your uniform. There are other rules that apply if you are an officer of the...
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    Officers responsibilities

    This program was written and presented back in 2002 at the GM conferences. Hope this helps. LODGE OFFICERS DUTIES While we strive for uniformity in our ritualistic work, the duties and responsibilities of the Officers in our Constituent Lodges vary from Lodge to Lodge. These needs vary...
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    Why is it so hard to get Masons to join the Commandery?

    The petition reads "that he is a firm believer in the Christian Religion", it also reads "promises to conform to the ancient usages and customs of the Order." On the back of the petition is reads "and no Mason, who is a believer in the Christian religion, should be satisfied until he has...
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    Why is it so hard to get Masons to join the Commandery?

    Just a quick note before you call me an old man, I am 42 years old. I hope you are right, in my experience it has not worked. I am a member of 4 Commanderies, 2 wear class A uniforms, and 2 wear caps and mantles. Two of the Commanderies are in small cities 100,000 + people, one wears the...
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    Why is it so hard to get Masons to join the Commandery?

    Once the new format of our Constitution and Statutes is approved in April, it should appear on the Grand Commandery website. This is how the Constitution and Statutes of the Grand Commandery Knights Templar of Texas addresses the Cap and Mantle. I also added what is to be worn under the...
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    Job's Daughters coming back to Texas

    I am on the youth activities committee and I think we would like to see it happen too, but there are several issues that need to be worked out. I believe it will happen just not sure how soon.
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    Why is it so hard to get Masons to join the Commandery?

    Kyle, As I had feared you missed my point, I am a very active blue lodge mason, I teach new masons, council new lodge officers, our officers must pass a leadership course before they can be elected and installed, and mentor our new members, which they must pass within a set period of time or...
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    Why is it so hard to get Masons to join the Commandery?

    Cliff, I have had this answer written for several days and have been debating on whether or not to post it, knowing that the second it is out there I will be opening myself up to members who will reticule me for having stated it in this manner. However I believe that ever opinion is...
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    A question about eligibility

    John is correct, I have conferred the Order of the Templar quite a few times and the 5th libation does not refer to the holy trinity, nor does any part of the Order of the Templar refer to the holy trinity. The Order of the Malta does ask the question about the savior and if you believe in him...
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    Festival this weekend in Tyler.

    Casey, I am glad you enjoyed everything, I had a great time too.
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    Petitioned Chapter Today

    Congrats Kyle we need all the good men we can get.
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    Why is it so hard to get Masons to join the Commandery?

    I am a member of Lubbock Scottish Rite and have been for a very long time. Just one thing to remember, the Lubbock Scottish Rite valley is very large so you have members from Midland/Odessa area, not sure where is officially ends, to the top and the Texas Panhandle. Lubbock York Rite is mostly...
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    Is the Commandery too difficult for most Masons?

    I agree, my Commanderies are in my opinion among the best in the state in conferring the Orders and Opening and Closing, and there are many Commanderies around the state that will agree with me that this process is what makes us a good organization. However, it seems that many Masons are turned...
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    Is the Commandery too difficult for most Masons?

    Tom, I should have been more specific on what I was referring to, they were referring to the Texas inspection process. The Grand Encampment of the USA, which Texas is a member, requires that you be inspected annually to show proficiency in the Commandery Orders and the Opening and Closing...
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    Is the Commandery too difficult for most Masons?

    They were referring to the Grand Commandery of Texas Inspection process. As for opening and closing they were fine with doing that at every meeting, they didn’t want to be forced to confer the Order of the Temple at their annual Inspection.