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  1. Keith C

    Gently nudging a prospect to join

    This is very similar to how Pennsylvania operates. We are permitted to tell someone you think they would be a good fit / invite them to join, but they still have to pass all the usual processes to join.
  2. Keith C

    Petitioned to join Commandry

    Well that is quite a trip! My two options are about 45 min from home or work!
  3. Keith C

    Petitioned to join Commandry

    So, I broke down and petitioned to join Damascus Commandry No 95, which meets in the building where My Blue Lodge and HRA Chapter also meet. Frankly I have done zero research into the path ahead here, but I figured I may have some spare time as I will no longer be High Priest and the only...
  4. Keith C

    Greetings from Ohio!

    Greetings and welcome!
  5. Keith C

    A lodge in Jordan?

    From a simple Google search i found that there are 3 Lodges in Jordan under the Supervision of the Grand Lodge of Scotland. Google is your friend!
  6. Keith C

    I want to join in masonic

    It appears you are from the UAE. If this is the case there are no Lodges in your area as your Government does not allow Freemasonry to exist in your Country. Unless you move to somewhere where Freemasonry is allowed to operate you can not join.
  7. Keith C

    Higher levels of Masonry

    The appendant bodies (York Rite and Scottish Rite, etc) Assign numbers to their Degrees. There is a 4th Degree in York Rite Chapter as well as a Scottich Rite 4th Degree in the Lodge of Perfection, as an example. The 33rd Degree is the Final Degree in the Scottish Rite system. It is only...
  8. Keith C

    New member

    Welcome to the forum!
  9. Keith C

    Tennessee Freemasons expelled a straight man for 'promoting homosexuality'

    The impression I got was he was hoping saner minds would prevail at the GL level since the decision 7 years ago. The article implied the Bretheran at his Lodge all supported him and he would have been aqutied there.
  10. Keith C

    Tennessee Freemasons expelled a straight man for 'promoting homosexuality'

    Thanks for that link. I find it interesting that it seems he could have avoided expulsion had he permitted his home Lodge to hold the trial. Putting this in the hands of the Grand Lodge of TN sealed his fate before the trial even began.
  11. Keith C

    Fraternal Swords Aren't Always Masonic

    Various Fraternal swords are in abundance at flea markets, in antique sshops, even in some gun stores. They often look "pretty" and are often very over priced by those trying to sell them assuming "looks fancy" = Highly valuable. A couple of "fer instances." As a bit of a back story I was...
  12. Keith C

    Visitation by MEGHP to my Chapter

    On Thursday evening April 28th, Companion Michael W Klinger, Most Excellent Grand High Priest of the Grand Holy Royal Arch Chapter of Pennsylvania and Masonic Jurisdiction Thereunto Belonging accompanied by Companion Eric C. Stahley, Most Excellent Grand Scribe visited Lansdale Royal Arch...
  13. Keith C


    Just to add my 2 cents. It is not "One of the highest ranks in freemasonry" as there are no "ranks" as we all meet as equals. No doubt he was a man of distinction who did good for Freemasonry in general and the AASR in particular, but that does not make him any higher "rank" than any other...
  14. Keith C

    District Visitation

    We have a visitation at another Lodge in the District on Thursday, I will be sure to pass along your greetings!
  15. Keith C

    District Visitation

    We had our first District Visitation under our new DDGM, Bro, Yasser Al Katib, DDGM Masonic Distric 6 on Wednesday evening. We had Three 25 Year Anniverasries, One 50 and one 60. It was Brother Yasser's First District visitation in what I am sure will be a very sucessful tenure as DDGM. There...