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  1. Lowcarbjc

    Non active members wearing rings etc

    If a mason leaves his lodge because he relocates and is not active in any other lodge for a period of time for whatever reason, would it be wrong for him to still, while not being part of any lodge, wear his masonic ring or have a masonic sticker on his car/computer etc.
  2. Lowcarbjc

    Meeting Brothers in public.

    How about - Are you a mason? If he says yes say, so am I. Let him then ask the questions.
  3. Lowcarbjc

    Wearing the S&C in Public

    Has anyone ever been frowned upon or asked to remove it at work because of "negativity it may cause" with customers or co-workers?
  4. Lowcarbjc

    2nd Degree

    Don't rush to MM degree. Enjoy every moment of FC. You will never be FC again after this. It's teachings are beautiful. Congrats!
  5. Lowcarbjc

    What do masons do?

    In your own words, what would you answer: Someone walks up to you and asks you the simple question: So, what do you freemasons actually do?
  6. Lowcarbjc

    New South African Gand Master

    Thank you for this informative post brother Justin and Fraternal greetings from GLSA Lodge #30 - Parys.
  7. Lowcarbjc

    Shriner and Lucifer

    I cannot comment of the video but.. the word lucifer is not the name of satan or the devil before he fell out or heaven. It is a latin word (not even hebrew or greek, the languages the bible was written in) that simply substituted the words "morning star" in Isaiah 14. This word only appears...
  8. Lowcarbjc

    What was I supposed to say?

    That's a great answer. Nothing wrong with it.
  9. Lowcarbjc

    Does your lodge really suck!?

    Simple question.
  10. Lowcarbjc

    Masonic Emblems

    On my Macbook. Made it myself from an example I saw online.
  11. Lowcarbjc

    Handshake token outside the lodge

    Everytime I see a brother in town we shake on it. Not a big deal, just comes natural, Guess it's not like that everywhere.
  12. Lowcarbjc

    Handshake token outside the lodge

    Yes I agree. Weird if the other guy is not expecting it. Happened to me a few times. Thanks for your replies.
  13. Lowcarbjc

    Handshake token outside the lodge

    He was referring to giving it brothers who sat with him in lodge, who would not return it. Not complete strangers.
  14. Lowcarbjc

    Handshake token outside the lodge

    A new EA brother from a different constitution approached me on this. He is very discouraged that his new fellow brothers do not greet him with a masonic handshake when they meet. He says this happens in lodge sometimes and almost always outside lodge (in public). My reply was that he must not...
  15. Lowcarbjc

    Masonic Tattoos

    Saw this one on twitter some time ago