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  1. Mrredsand9

    My second daughter

    Brothers: 2 years ago I sent out a message announcing the birth of my first child, Abigail. It only seems fitting to announce the birth of our second kiddo, Hannah Jean, born March 5. The family is healthy and growing! I thank the craft for showing me worthy values to pass along...
  2. Mrredsand9

    Scottish Rite NMJ app

    The app had connections to degrees being held in all states and also connections to all valley websites in northern Masonic jurisdiction. I will miss it, so convenient. They did not give a reason for discontinuing the app
  3. Mrredsand9

    Scottish Rite NMJ app

    Follow up: I emailed nmj and got a response that the app is no longer supported and to use the main website for future info
  4. Mrredsand9

    Scottish Rite NMJ app

    Is anyone else getting this message when trying to log into scottish rite nmj app? Tried tonight and kept getting this message. Tried uninstall and re install and kept getting this message. Any info would be appreciated.