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Nate Riley
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  • Brother Nate,
    I posted on FB but not sure if you got the message, you were headed to the GOP convention I think. Anyway, June 27th is Homecoming at Elliott Baptist if you can still make it. I know some of the ladies would LOVE to see you, and the guys probably have a lot of questions. I hope you can make it, and will look forward to meeting you in person.
    Paul (Hippie) Munsel
    Bro. Nate, I sent a message last week, but some how I sent it to Nate C. Anyway, the Elliott Homecoming is planned for June 27th. Many are asking about since I had been in contact with you, especially Aunt Geraldine Hancock, and Sue Nell Gandy. If needed, I'll pass a hat for gas or bus fare, and will even find a place for you and family to stay if you want. The old parsonage is now used mostly by the Youth Sunday School Class, so we may be able to put you in there. We have used it like that for some of the Evangelists when they come to boost our spirits. Anyway, let me know, and we'll let the folks at Church know.
    Paul and Karen Munsel
    The green screen often times get's me through the day. I didn't think there'd be too many other Nate Rileys. If you're ever in Lufkin, come by and visit. -Letney
    Bro. Nate,
    I don't know if you remember Bro. Jerry Stores and his wife Louise from Elliott Baptist or not. He has been fighting lung cancer, and has been doing pretty good until recently. He went into the hosp. this past Wed., and has been having trouble breathing. They have decided to induce a coma to let his body heal, and to give his lungs some much needed rest. It is not certain yet, if he will pull through, but it was their decision to go ahead with it. Please keep them in their prayers. I have posted a message in the Sanctum as well. Thanks,
    Paul Munsel
    Bro. Nate, Aunt Geraldine was passing a picture around church Sunday morning. I'm not sure if she was happy to have the picture from you, or the fact she was able to get it, and print it off... She's my wife Karen's Aunt, married to Karen's Dad's brother. Hope you are all doing OK.
    Paul Munsel
    "Downtown Elliott, Texas"
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