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  1. Rifleman1776

    Interesting Masonic events or lodges?

    I am having an e-discussion with a Brother on this subject. Regarding the period of the American Revolution, it was foolhardy for a patriot,rebel/revolutionary to leave his home without a weapon. They had to have been brought to the place they met for Lodge.
  2. Rifleman1776

    Interesting Masonic events or lodges?

    There is an upcoming Third degree being put on at a lodge in Missouri. It is a Lantern Lodge with candle light only. Many participating will be wearing Revoluitionary period clothing to help celebrate George Washington's birthday. I am seeking dispensation so I can go in my Rev. Riflemans period...
  3. Rifleman1776

    Masonic Themed Tattoo

    Interesting. I understand the 'bullet' hole. Tat not to my taste but each to his own.
  4. Rifleman1776

    Meeting Brothers in public.

    "all Shriners are Masons and that Masons not allowed to invite people to become Masons. " Those are not universally correct statements. In Arkansas, and I believe one other state, Shrine membership is open to non-masons. In some states, like Missouri where my Lodge is, we can invite men to...
  5. Rifleman1776

    THE INTIMATE LODGE; An Argument In Favor of Small Masonic Lodges by John B. Williams

    Sorry, did not read it all. Very long. In my experience if we didn't have small lodges, we would have no lodges at all. Attending a large lodge with many attending would be an interesting experience. Where might a Brother find one to visit?
  6. Rifleman1776

    Meeting Brothers in public.

    Happens frequently. That is why we wear rings or other Masonic items. Easy to discuss things without giving away any secrets. I wear a Shrine buckle and occasionally get approached by someone who has been helped by the Shrine hospitals. We don't need to hide our lights. Nice to meet a Brother...
  7. Rifleman1776

    Masonic Themed Tattoo

    Your arm, your choice. Enjoy. Pics when completed.
  8. Rifleman1776

    Why is it so hard to get Masons to join the Commandery?

    Willaim, you missed my mention that I am now an old guy. But, as a young man I found it depressing to be around so many who could not remember the work, were confused and often died before the next meeting. I know for a fact that is a put-off to many considering membership.
  9. Rifleman1776

    Visiting other Lodges

    I know this is an old thread. But, these days most MMs do not know where PH is recognized or not. If a white MM is traveling and wants to visit a Lodge and just happens into a PH will he be welcome? Later, back home, does he face the possibility of expulsion for having visited a PH Lodge...
  10. Rifleman1776

    Why is it so hard to get Masons to join the Commandery?

    Many reasons. Younger family men just don't have the time. Budget is a consideration, three extra bodies to pay due to, uniforms, travel, etc. No way when baby needs shoes. Rituals are complicated to the point where history and lessons are lost on procedure. Boring and meaningless in this active...
  11. Rifleman1776

    Why I demited out of York Rite

    Willaim, I agree. In Arkansas, all of Masonry is struggling to hang on and simply continue to exist.
  12. Rifleman1776

    What units/clubs are you a member?

    Nice thought. But the current problem for most Shrine bodies is having enough people to keep what they have going.
  13. Rifleman1776

    Masonic Veteran Associations????

    Agree. Must first get a favorable report from the investigating committee then a 100% yes vote in a secret ballot. Not likely to happen.
  14. Rifleman1776

    Best Chapeaus

    Joe, I was turned away. Had I been allowed to attend a meeting of the Commandery I belonged to I might have learned this. But, I was denied an opportunity to even commiserate with Brother KT's. That event was a major reason I eventually decided to demit out of York Rite entirely. Yesterday at...