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  1. tldubb

    The Name Game

    Steve Carlton
  2. tldubb

    Phoenix lodge

    I think it really doesn't matter with or without the G. We took our OB on the HB,SQ and Comp...
  3. tldubb

    Masons on Xbox Live....

    You plan on playing tonight? I will definitely send you a friend request...
  4. tldubb

    Became A #JrWarden 12-6-2014

    Your jurisdiction uses gold for subordinate lodges in our that is reserved for grand lodge officers only...anyway good luck JW!
  5. tldubb


    I echo Bro. Staton...keep your nose in the ritual! Bro. TL Wilson, SD Clarence C. kittrell, #149 4301 N. Broad st Philadelphia, PA MWPHGL of Pennsylvania
  6. tldubb

    Brotherly Advice

    Always seek knowledge. .
  7. tldubb

    Hello everyone

    Welcome brother!
  8. tldubb

    2nd and confused

    Was this a military lodge, because branding is forbidden and PHA doesn't haze..very un-masonic. They should have their charter pulled. I'm in full agreement with Bro. Mindovermatter!
  9. tldubb

    How to become a prince hall mason

    Good luck and Blessings! Remember you get out of it from what you put in.
  10. tldubb

    Hello from South Jersey USA

    Welcome Brother!
  11. tldubb

    Visitation between A.F.&A.M and F&A.M

  12. tldubb

    Visitation between A.F.&A.M and F&A.M

  13. tldubb

    Masons on Xbox Live....

    Xbox one right?
  14. tldubb

    Masons on Xbox Live....

    I would love to team up with you...I'm hooked on it! My game handle is tldubb235.