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    Featured Podcasts

    Search this forum. I posted a list as did others. Alternatively, search itunes or stitcher for freemasonry and masonic.
  2. vangoedenaam

    The Name Game

    Cindy Drozda (one of the best woodturners in the world)
  3. vangoedenaam

    The Name Game

    Daniel Beddingfield (singer)
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    True as viewed from both sides :)
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    We know we are not a political power, but those that dont like our secrets and our freethinking cant be sure and distrust us. Better to kill what you dont control
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    Dictatorial regimes dont like freethinkers and they dont like secrets.
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    I think masonry could well be illegal in Iran. It is illegal in many less free countries. There might be 'underground' lodges, but if they are hard to find for the secret service, they will be hard to find for a normal person.
  8. vangoedenaam

    Masonic training

    We come in lodge to better ourselves. That implies lodge is (amongst other things) some sort of training ground. Would it be wise, sensible, advisable, good, allowed, interesting, etc to actually organize sessions where training, eg aimed at communication skills, listening, overcoming personal...
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    Women Freemasons

    Groups define themselves by limiting who is part of it. Even the largest and least limited group, society itself, sets limits on who can be part of it, and who needs to be excluded (eg by being put in a jail). It is typically unfair to judge any group on membership policies. I cant join the...
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    Masonic Podcasts

    I listen to many more masonic podcasts (when time allows). Search on the forum for the list i posted. If you find others, let me know!
  11. vangoedenaam

    Brethren in the jazz, blues, rock realm

    I wanted to become a pro for a long time. But i ended up as an advanced amateur. There is the lingering longing, but with family, mortgage and maconry, there isnt much chance it will happen. But the lingering... Well, who knows.
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    About time, but very good news nonetheless. Lets now finally solve some of the world more serious problems.
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    Featured Podcasts

    I added it to my subscriptions and start listening soon. Always exciting to find a new one. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Featured Podcasts

    Thanks. I didnt know about that one yet! I posted a large list of podcasts in another thread on the forum a while back. Search and find :)
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    Prayers before meals

    When i wrote the word magic i hesitated, i tried magick, but again deleted the k. Its such an ambiguous and multi-interpretational word (not sure if im writing that correctly, not a native speaker...). Its very interesting to read the responses. Im happy to see respectful and educational...