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  1. Warrior1256

    New York Rite Offices

    On 20 July I was installed as Senior Warden of Louisville-DeMolay Commandery #12 of Knights Templar, Illustrious Master of Louisville Council #4, Royal and Select Masters and Scribe of King Solomon Chapter #5, Royal Arch Masons. The latter is a support position filled by the outgoing High Priest...
  2. Warrior1256

    Elected Commander of the Commandery

    This past Wednesday, 23 June, I was elected Commander of Jefferson Commandery #52. I was greatly honored by this and will do the very best job that I can. Wish me luck!
  3. Warrior1256

    Appointed To York Rite College Officer Line

    Monday, May 31st, I was appointed to the officer line of North Central York Rite College #116 of the York Rite Sovereign College of North America. I will be filling the office of Marshal. I am very excited but humbled at the same time. I am very much looking forward to my new duties and will do...
  4. Warrior1256


    Brothers, this past June I posted here that I was facing a serious health issue and asked for your prayers. I had been diagnosed with oral cancer and the initial prognosis was grim. However, after chemo and radiation therapy I was told today by my ears, nose and throat surgeon that I now appear...
  5. Warrior1256

    Deputy Grand High Priest

    I have been appointed Deputy Grand High Priest of the Kentucky Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons for Area 5A by the newly installed Most Excellent Grand High Priest. The position is to the Royal Arch Masons as the position of District Deputy Grand Master is to the Blue Lodge. I am extremely...
  6. Warrior1256

    Need Prayers

    Brothers, I am facing a very serious health issue at this time. I would very much appreciate your prayers.
  7. Warrior1256

    New Offices

    Last week I was elected and installed as Junior Warden in Louisville-DeMolay Commandery #12 and yesterday as Captain-General in Jefferson Commandery #52. Am very much looking forward to my new duties. Chapter and Council elected to keep the same lineup and not advance this year so I will stay...
  8. Warrior1256

    More Covid Shut Downs

    The Grand Master just issued a new edict cancelling all Masonic activity through May 31st. He did the right thing but it is still sad.