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  1. usar123

    Masonic NFTs

    Oh yes Agreed !
  2. usar123

    Umbrella Academy S&C

    Wow !
  3. usar123

    questions brothers ask and answer in public?

    So true you should never assume someone to be a Mason !
  4. usar123

    Freemasonry AS religion?

    Interesting ! A lot of Scripture references in our work never took to heart about the Religion aspect !
  5. usar123

    Fresh meat?

    Welcome Brother to the forum !
  6. usar123

    Hi guys

    Congrats and Welcome !
  7. usar123

    The future of lodges

    That’s so true a lot of lodges have a lot of Senior Brothers the lodge I attended in South Carolina had to merge with another lodge due to lack of having younger people joining !
  8. usar123

    Solstice Fish Fry!

    That’s awesome!
  9. usar123

    Breaking: Hostage Situation at Houston Scottish Rite

    Wow the World is Crazy !
  10. usar123

    Greetings from Ohio!

    Congrats Welcome !
  11. usar123

    Visiting a PHA Lodge

    Agreed !
  12. usar123

    Clandestine Order

    “ They’re watching you “ The history of the Illuminati !
  13. usar123

    Saudi Arabia Secrete Lodges?

    Agreed !
  14. usar123

    Clandestine Order

    Oh yes they existed ! I saw a documentary on YouTube great Info !
  15. usar123

    Greetings from Ohio!

    That’s Super Congrats!
  16. usar123

    Working tools carving

    Wow brother that’s awesome !
  17. usar123

    Serve ware

    Wow that is Classy !
  18. usar123

    Brother Mel Blanc

    Thanks brother got to read the article I remember him !
  19. usar123

    Weird Invite

    Wow !