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  1. Bloke

    How to contact my nearest lodge grandmaster

    Being persinsitant is good advice, especially in that location. I would use email and write them a letter explaining why you want to be a Freemason.
  2. Bloke

    Traditional Observance Lodge in Houston, TX

    You know it's a necropost ... but I kinda like keeping this thread alive. TO lodges evolve and I enjoy reading the history. I get some of the original posters may not be around.. but still.. Interestingly one of the lodges used as a model here in Victoria for this is actually in trouble and not...
  3. Bloke

    Gently nudging a prospect to join

    I think it is simple, people can't join us if they don't know we exist.. and men will be more likely to join if they understand the true benefits of being a mason... so talk about what you like about being a Freemason.
  4. Bloke

    Greetings from the Old North State

    Hello from Australia and thanks for sharing a bit of your story ! Love your avatar picture !
  5. Bloke

    Hello from not so sunny Glasgow

    Not sure here. While we don't do ceremonial on line here... we have embraced ZOOM meetings, not only for regularly summoned business meetings, but also committee meetings on line.
  6. Bloke

    The meaning of being a freemason?

    Coach's advice is very good. We do not have a monopoly on being a good organisation... but also, we're a fraternity and not a service organisation. Freemasonry (I think) is a philosophical system for good moral conduct that brings diverse men together in fraternity. Also, we don't work...
  7. Bloke

    Moving to Puerto Rico, where I found this "My Freemasonry" site.

    I would approach your GL about how to get an introduction to local Freemason. Safe travels !
  8. Bloke

    The meaning of being a freemason?

    The "Am I too late" question is easy. No, you are not. I have seen men in their 80's join and get something out of Freemasonry. At its most basic, I think the meanng of being a Freemason is try to be a better man and be the best you can be.. whenever you do and whatever your station in life.
  9. Bloke


    Sending you best wishes Brother... I am often much less than I would like to be...
  10. Bloke

    Solstice Fish Fry!

    Installation of the Master is always a big deal here. We will have the partners and children along. We do that by doing it on a Sat afternoon, even if the lodged is a weekday lodge. We also generally do something similar for Christmas. Usually on a week night, sometimes at a restaurant...
  11. Bloke

    How to become one of the brothers of light and love smib

    Interesting and I see it at I don't think we have recognition with Grand Lodge Nigeria... I am not sure about Lodges in the USA, but suspect perhaps not. Still, that's not much of a concern for @Ebuka Black unless planning to visit me :)
  12. Bloke

    Books and Passages Used in India

    Here in Victoria Australia, which would be regarded as predominately Christian, we have lodges where the main VSL is not the Bible. Usually set by the majority of members and history at the foundation of the Lodge, but it is common to see multiple VSLs opened in a Lodge, Bible being by far the...
  13. Bloke

    Greetings from Ohio!

    Greetings from Australia and welcome !
  14. Bloke

    The future of lodges

    Thanks, me and my family are well, I hope you and yours are likewise. Merging Lodges (and lodge buildings for that matter) have long been a recommended practice by some. While it is sometimes appropriate, I would observe that it needs to be driven by the lodges themselves, but much much more...
  15. Bloke

    A lodge in Jordan?

    Whenever visiting Lodges, and even though you are very safe with UGLE and GL of Scotland, always check with your own Lodge Sec/Grand Lodge.
  16. Bloke

    Fresh meat?

    Welcome Brother I get why you use the title for the thread and hope you do not take offense when I type that I would would never diminish a Brother or applicant by describing him as "fresh meat". Brothers, even when decribing yourself, are much more important than that. You're more important...
  17. Bloke

    Hello I am studying masters in international relations in Pakistan need a good job

    Members are not replying to this because Freemasonry does not exist in Pakistan and Freemasonry is for self develpment not for financial gain.
  18. Bloke

    Weird Invite

    I can't shed any light on this... Hope you are well Bro !
  19. Bloke

    The Criticality of our Individual Degrees and Catechisms

    Some interesting and good comment there. Me, I often describe Degrees as "Primers" ("an elementary textbook that serves as an introduction to a subject of study or is used for teaching children to read".) Some would say you need to join Other Orders to understand those Degrees (and there is...
  20. Bloke

    The Criticality of our Individual Degrees and Catechisms

    I think someone has just put their own spin on it substituting the word "Catechism" for "Education", the education being in the lectures..