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  1. cjapgar

    York Rite College

    Thanks Brothers. I'm looking forward to it. Jericho, I'm still in the dark right now but after Sunday I'll be happy to share what I can. Have a great week my Brothers. Freemason Connect HD
  2. cjapgar

    York Rite College

    I've been invited and have accepted the invitation to join Knight of York College #150 in Long Beach, Ca. I'm looking forward to the degree this coming Sunday in San Diego. Many of my fellow Companions and Sir Knight's that I have made the York Rite journey with are going to be there as well...
  3. cjapgar

    Masonry in the Military

    I visited Semper Fidelis Lodge 680 myself while I was TAD there last year. Great Lodge! Where are you stationed now Brother? Sent from my SPH-L710 using Freemasonry mobile app
  4. cjapgar

    Masonry in the Military

    Dj87, I haven't been to Bagram since 2004, but from what I understand now there is a Prince Hall affiliated Lodge either there or very close. As a matter of fact, I just found it online. It is Alpha Military Lodge 195. Their website is I hope this helps.
  5. cjapgar

    Masonry in the Military

    York Rite College is an invitational body of the York Rite. I'm still in the dark about it because the initiation isn't until August of this year. Freemason Connect Premium App
  6. cjapgar

    Masonry in the Military

    Brother JB, depending on the jurisdiction, PHA and mainstream Grand Lodges have recognition and one can visit the other and dwell together in unity. I know for sure that Washington State, Massachusetts, and California Grand Lodges recognize each other. I was raised in Washington State and...
  7. cjapgar

    Oculists Order - Wired Magazine

    Thanks for sharing Brother!
  8. cjapgar

    New Sir Knight...

    Congratulations fellow Sir Knight. I was Knighted along with 17 others last week in San Diego. You're right, great ceremony. SK Chris Apgar Steilacoom #2 Life Member Temecula-Catalina #524 Tyre Chapter #130 R.A.M. Sentinel Helix Council #58 R & S.M. Orange County Commandery #36 KT
  9. cjapgar

    A.f & a.m? F.&a.m?

    A.F & A.M. is Ancient Free and Accepted Masons. South Carolina is the only one that I know of that is neither of the two. They are A.F.M, Ancient Free Masons. Through my travels visiting both A.F. & A.M., F. & A.M and A.F.M, I have noted only minute differences in the work. The fellowship...
  10. cjapgar

    Masonic Veteran Associations????

    You can try to find the local chapter of the National Sojourners. They're a veteran based Masonic organization. They've been helping wounded warriors as of recent.
  11. cjapgar

    When do you wear your Master Masons Ring?

    I wear it the same way that I wear my wedding ring. That is pretty much everywhere, everyday. I take it off when I work out in the gym or if I am preparing a meal for the family from scratch.
  12. cjapgar

    Anyone sport the top hat?

    I have worn it for conferrals, but when I get to the East, I will opt for the Fedora.
  13. cjapgar

    What was your favorite Blue Lodge Degree?

    I have to agree with you Brother. My first degree was memorable, and the three I've conferred afterwards I've strived to make them even more memorable for them. The middle chamber lecture is one of the best when delivered by someone who puts the emphasis into it. It's hard for me to pick a...
  14. cjapgar

    I am a Mason

    Congrats Brother!
  15. cjapgar

    Army PCSing. AF&AM to F&AM?????

    My Brother, I don't believe there is anything preventing you from going from an Ancient Lodge to an F & A. M. as long as the Lodge you're heading to is duly recognized as mainstream. I was born and raised in an F & A.M. lodge here in Washington and have visited many A.F & A.M Lodges throughout...
  16. cjapgar

    In Afghanistan

    There is a Prince Hall lodge in Afghanistan, although I don't remember where. I'd also suggest waiting until your return to CONUS. From one Marine to another, be safe out there Brother and get back home safe.
  17. cjapgar

    What does Masonry mean to you?

    Masonry is something I've wanted to get into for a good while. With military moves and my personal cancer battle, it was put on hold for a couple of years. I wanted to join to better myself as a man, husband, father, and U.S. Marine. The first lodge I visited here in Washington State was very...
  18. cjapgar

    Quarry Degree in Connecticut

    I've attended one outdoor degree, but never in a stone quarry. I wish I could be there for that one. That is going to be pretty awesome I'm sure.
  19. cjapgar

    Back Injury

    Get better Brother. My prayers are with you as well. Please do get the MRI. Another Brother here just had a major back surgery from injuries sustained from a fall. My wife Lisa is also praying too.
  20. cjapgar

    Why Prince Hall Masonry?

    Sands67, great points all around. In my Lodge in Washington there are several Brothers of different ethnic backgrounds. When I walk into the Lodge room, I see nothing but my Brothers. I don't see a black man, or a hispanic man, or an asian man, I see my Brethren. I feel the same way about...