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  1. Winter

    Regular Lodge in Qatar

    Posting the same question on multiple threads won't get you a different answer. No Freemasonry in Qatar. Had you read the threads you replied to before posting your question you would know this.
  2. Winter

    Masonic lodge in Qatar location?

    You have to move to country that allows Freemasonry.
  3. Winter

    Potential move to Dubai

    I agree. Modes of recognition are considered Masonic secrets. But the Square and Compasses are not considered a mode of recognition which ends the tattoo argument. But even the MoR are not so secret when you read the many exposes of Freemsonry from the 18th and 19th centuries, and even later...
  4. Winter

    Potential move to Dubai

    What information in there is secret? One of my Lodges works in the Emulation Rite and our ritual books are completely written out. Only small parts or words are ommited.
  5. Winter

    Potential move to Dubai

    Was that not clarified during or after your degree what secrets you were prohibited from marking, printing, painting, etc...?
  6. Winter

    Potential move to Dubai

    I guess it comes down to what you consider Masonic Secrets. I've never met anyone who considered the working tools (or even the majority of the Tracing Boards) as secret.
  7. Winter

    Potential move to Dubai

    Does your jurisdiction specifically prohibit masonic tattoos or is that your interpretation?
  8. Winter

    Potential move to Dubai

    That absolutely does not cover tattooing the Square and Compass in any way that could possibly be interpreted since the meaning and symbolism of the Square & Compasses is not a Masonic secret and is even very often printed in informative material for public consumption. So you will have to...
  9. Winter

    Potential move to Dubai

    Masonic tattoos are fairly common where I'm from and nothing in our degrees prohibits or discourages them. Mine is above the bottom of my shirt sleeve but many Brothers get them in visible locations. Does your jurisdiction not allow them?
  10. Winter

    After 29 years of being Mason in-name-only, I am publicly dropping the bomb

    One of the definitions is "a person who is trained to examine buildings and check what condition they are in." I guess he could mean that he is examining the structure or condition of Freemasonry? Just guessing here. Maybe he's an actual surveyor.
  11. Winter

    Potential move to Dubai

    I'd no more wear an open Masonic symbol in the UAE than I would my kippah.
  12. Winter

    Potential move to Dubai

    I've whispered all the good counsel I can, Brother. You do you.
  13. Winter

    Potential move to Dubai

    You likely won't find any S&Cs floating around there as all Regular Masons know the situation and know to keep their mouths shut about the Craft and not wear any outward signs. Maybe my info is old and they will welcome you with open arms there. But I doubt it. You would do well to remember...
  14. Winter

    Potential move to Dubai

    There are no Lodges in Dubai and you will likely find yourself arrested if you attempt to start one as Freemasonry is illegal in the UAE. I heard there was one PHA military Lodge there operating on the base some time back but I have no info on that.
  15. Winter

    Solomon's Tomato Soup Recipe

    This popped up on my feed today and I got a good laugh out of it. Makes me think of all the pseudo new age nonsense some Brothers keep trying to inject into Freemasonry. I wonder how many people got this tattooed before they actually translated it.
  16. Winter

    After 29 years of being Mason in-name-only, I am publicly dropping the bomb

    It seems like you are judging all Masonry by your experience which will likely only lead to frustration. There are a lot of flavors of Freemasonry and types of Masons out there and not everyone joins for the same reasons or wants the same things from the Craft. Some, like me, love the esoteric...
  17. Winter

    Hi y'all am new here. Am stay in dubai, please can anyone guide me to join freemason in Dubai

    I believe Freemasonry is still illegal in Dubai. Only way for you to join is to move to a country that permits it.
  18. Winter

    Learning Resources for an EA

    I'm a big fan of Pietre-Stones Review of Freemasonry. It should go without saying though, to be careful looking for online resources to make sure you are not spoiling future degrees.
  19. Winter

    What are your opinion on the widow sons club ?

    That is such an awful looking design and evokes nothing of Freemasonry. At least the other patch used here in the US is actually made of Masonic symbols.
  20. Winter

    I have received 6 Blackballs

    The part that is difficult to understand is that a sphere does not feel like a cube. It doesn't matter what they're made of. If a person can't see them, wouldn't the difference in shape be enough for them to cast their ballot correctly? I'm obviously missing something here.