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  1. Brother RG

    MWPHGLVA Networking (757)

    Greetings, How long ago did you contact the Grand Lodge? Since the situation with Covid, it might be tough to get a hold of Grand Lodge members since there has been no action and buildings most likely have been shut down. You might want to get on the Grand Lodge website and look for the...
  2. Brother RG

    Has the time come to reach out and ask for new members?

    I appreciate the correction on the word Tenets. I don't really want to keep this thread going but I guess i'm still somewhat cloudy on the topic that I was originally responding to which was "changing the problem that is causing people to not come find you". How are people supposed to know...
  3. Brother RG

    Has the time come to reach out and ask for new members?

    Sounds to me like all you want to do is stay in your lodge with the rest of the brothers, by all means go for it, but one of our greatest tenants is Charity! Why wouldn't you want to be part of a community! Freemasons do good in the world and if it takes going out and volunteering I'm okay with...
  4. Brother RG

    Has the time come to reach out and ask for new members?

    I agree! The question I get asked a lot is what do Freemasons do... If we were not out there doing some type of Charity work or anything to be part of the community what would i be able to tell someone to even gain a little interest. Luckily i have a small Youtube channel that has some of the...
  5. Brother RG

    What can we do ? What should we do?

    There are brothers that would love to participate in any type of event that helps during this pandemic but I think we also have to be careful on where we meet. Remember we are interacting with the community and although Covid might not affect us but it can affect one of our family members if we...