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    What’s the strangest place that you’ve met a brother Mason?

    In the bathroom of a Walmart. We each pulled out our dues card. I was embarrassed at the size of his compared to mine. He was just visiting from another state.
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    Put in my petition and sometime February if things go will. I'll be SR

    Title says it. I was happily raised to a master mason recently and expressed interest. Handed a petition and some bros from SR signed off. Next is FEB initiation unless we get a shutdown. How has everyones experience been? My uncle is at the same SR. I wanted to surprise him.
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    Irregular Masonic Bodies Operating in Texas

    Is that an actual episode?
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    Irregular Masonic Bodies Operating in Texas

    United Most Worshipful Scottish Rite Grand Lodge, Inc. (TX) - I ran into a "clandestine" mason from this lodge at work in our building. I was an FC at the time at a lodge under the GLofTX. I didn't know any better and asked him what lodge he was in because he wore....pretty much everything you...
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    Grand Lodge directive to violate Masonic Law

    We're still hoodwinked and masked. You just need to provide your own. But I agree. Hoodwinked is a big deal. It adds to the mystique and you get the full experience.
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    Get raised(hopefully) next week to MM

    We have the chairs set up 6 feet apart. Masks, and temp checks. We also have to consent to handshakes and or "touching". It was a good process. Definitely different than the EA or FC. I got a little claustrophobic being all wrapped up barely able to breathe through it
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    Get raised(hopefully) next week to MM

    I started in SEP 24 2019 for my interview for approval under GLTX The work was tough but I made the journey. It would have been sooner but covid happened. Luckily we're open and I'm glad my uncle will be able to see me through this process hes not very well. We keep sanitizing and social...
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    AF&AM vs F&AM?

    What's the difference? I'm in AF&AM. Does this mean I can't attend F&AM?