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  1. Kendrick Brown

    Just submitted Petition

    Update on my petition. My petition was invalid. One of the brothers who signed it was/is suspended for not paying dues. I've resubmitted everything and looking forward to starting my journey to becoming your brother weeks or months from now. #PatiencePatiencePatience
  2. Kendrick Brown

    Just submitted Petition

    Thanks! I'm beginning to see that patience plays a key role in becoming and being a part of this Fraternity. I will definitely update you all along the way.
  3. Kendrick Brown

    Just submitted Petition

    Hi All, I just submitted my petition a couple weeks ago. I've spoken with the Junior Warden who asked me a few questions and told me what I'd need to accompany the petition. I did everything he said I should do. My question is... should contact him, or my friend (who gave me the petition), to...