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  1. KSigMason

    Arizona PGM Jeff Carlton Killed in Traffic Accident

    That's sad to hear.
  2. KSigMason

    Installed as Sovereign Master on My AMD Council Saturday

    Congratulations Venerable Brother!
  3. KSigMason

    Fraternal Greetings, Brethren!!!

    Greetings and welcome
  4. KSigMason

    The Commissioned Templar Chaplain Program

    While Freemasonry is not a religion nor a substitute for one, our members are religious and we are charged to pay that respect and reverence to the Great Architect of the Universe as due from creature to its Creator. In nearly every Masonic body, there is an officer known as the Chaplain...
  5. KSigMason

    Hello from Tulsa, Akdar 555

    Greetings and welcome
  6. KSigMason

    Greetings and hello to all from Rockwall Tx

    A belated 'Greetings and welcome!'
  7. KSigMason

    New York Rite Offices

  8. KSigMason

    Greetings from Ft Huachuca, AZ

    Greetings and welcome. I visited the SV Lodge a few times when I went through UAV training at Huachuca.
  9. KSigMason

    York Rite College

  10. KSigMason


    Registration for the 2021 High Council meeting is up:
  11. KSigMason

    Hello and Good Day

    Greetings! I hope you enjoyed your initiation!
  12. KSigMason

    Hello from NY

    Welcome to this forum!
  13. KSigMason

    Hello from Italy

    Greetings and welcome Brother. I visited Garibaldi Lodge in Florence when I visited in 2011; the Italian Brothers were very hospitable and I look to the day that I can visit again. I travel a lot for work as well, but mainly within the US.
  14. KSigMason

    Glad to be here

    Greetings and welcome.
  15. KSigMason

    Episode 258: The Traveling Templar

    I had fun hanging with you guys.
  16. KSigMason

    Deputy Grand High Priest

  17. KSigMason


    If you all haven't heard already, the High Council this year has gone virtual.
  18. KSigMason

    Greetings Brothers!

    Greetings and welcome.
  19. KSigMason

    newly initiated brother

    Welcome to the forum.
  20. KSigMason

    Hello from Western Australia.

    Greetings and welcome.