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  1. Glen Cook

    Hello from Miami

    Then you know my colleague Jorge Aladro?
  2. Glen Cook

    I need join

    The information on Lebanon should be updated. Scotland, GLNF, D.C., New York, and the new GL of Lebanon are all working in the jurisdiction.
  3. Glen Cook

    Members to Grand Master: The Eyes of Texas Masons Are Upon You

    Typically, goings on at the GL level have little effect at the lodge level, where freemasonry occurs.
  4. Glen Cook


    Your inquiry is really a tax question, rather than masonic.
  5. Glen Cook

    Masonic Week Feb 8-12, 2023

    I will be at Knight Masons, AMD, College of Rites, and Athelstan. Say hello. I’ll be be the old guy in the suit.
  6. Glen Cook

    I need join

    Contact a lodge in Germany. They are on the internet.
  7. Glen Cook

    Arizona PGM Jeff Carlton Killed in Traffic Accident

    While on the way to Rex’s service.
  8. Glen Cook

    Large Rings

    Talk to Howard Sobel on FB. He has an extensive collection.
  9. Glen Cook

    Members to Grand Master: The Eyes of Texas Masons Are Upon You

    Geez, my greatest sympathy for the new GM. And the JGW. And everyone who had to watch such behavior. Yes, there is a verrry vocal group regarding the (now) PGM’s term. Of course, there almost always are. Most GM’s have reputations which improve with time. Clues to look for? If a member of...
  10. Glen Cook

    Jurisdiction bucket list

    I grabbed one of mine this month:
  11. Glen Cook

    Urgent enquiry. Please help.

    Some of us have.
  12. Glen Cook

    The Ashlars - India's First Podcast on Freemasonry

    My. Having had substantial involvement in the majority of those, that is a time commitment.
  13. Glen Cook

    Freemasonry in Lebanon

    Wouldn’t merging with a co-ed group be difficult? Right now, the legitimacy GLs in Lebanon are at loggerheads. I’m more concerned about them. Check the Commission website at the end of February to see any new report.
  14. Glen Cook

    Freemasonry in Lebanon

    There is a mason currently in the Philippines from that GL. It is irregular. If you scroll down, you will see a report on the Lebanese situation. It will be back before the Commission this year.
  15. Glen Cook

    Is it possible to join in Qatar?

    I would encourage searching for provincial grand lodge and district grand lodge Malaysia. Here is one:
  16. Glen Cook

    Is it possible to join in Qatar?

    A prime example? Churchill.
  17. Glen Cook

    Join masonry

    Then you don't need help from those in this group.
  18. Glen Cook

    Join masonry

    We cannot help you in Iraq.
  19. Glen Cook

    New to the site...not to being a Mason

    I had the chance to speak in Maggie Valley some years ago, and my 3Ggrandfather is buried in Statesville.