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  1. usar123

    I need join

    You found the right place to become a better Man !
  2. usar123

    Arizona PGM Jeff Carlton Killed in Traffic Accident

    My prayers go out to the family ! He is with the Grand Architect that’s said News about our PGM Brother !
  3. usar123

    Hello! New from Ohio

    Welcome Michael ! The only piano I saw in a Lodge was the Lodge I attended in South Carolina that’s a rarity!
  4. usar123

    Hello! New from Ohio

    Welcome !
  5. usar123

    Do freemasons serve GOD and Satan ?

    I will affirm with my other Brothers we respect one’s beliefs being Masons !
  6. usar123

    Do freemasons serve GOD and Satan ?

    It appears to me that you are coming here to interpret theology this is not the place !
  7. usar123

    Petitioned to join Commandry

    Congrats My brother ! The Degrees in Yorkrite are Awesome ! The Blue Lodge comes to light in them !
  8. usar123

    New to the site...not to being a Mason

    Welcome Brother!
  9. usar123


    Brother ! Have you inquired at the Lodge you attend at ?
  10. usar123

    Questions to all Lodges and members.

    I totally agree it’s a honor !
  11. usar123

    Hi i am michael Stevens

    Congrats !
  12. usar123

    Seasons Greetings

    Merry Christmas and Happy NewYear 2023 to All brothers !
  13. usar123

    Happy St. John's Day Brothers!

    Likewise to all brothers I have been sick during ST. Johns Day !
  14. usar123

    Urgent enquiry. Please help.

    I agree if you have no affiliation with the fraternity!
  15. usar123


    Welcome Brother !
  16. usar123

    Wages of a FC

    Awesome Explanation of the wages of a fellow Craft !Its so very important to remember why we are Masons and remember all the values that Masonry contains !
  17. usar123

    Wages of a FC

    Beautiful !