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  1. Bloke

    Shading Our Path

    For me, it's almost a binary position. I can answer or I cannot. The reason I cannot are probably two fold, it violates my obligations OR, I don't know the answer.... But really, the only true way to know Freemasonry is to join it and then study it. Do it some more, then study it again :)
  2. Bloke

    Esoteric Masonry

    I have an esoteric question.... Is "ruff" short for ruffian ? :)
  3. Bloke


    Greetings and welcome from Australia !
  4. Bloke

    Interesting observation as a result of Masonic District Change

    It's been a tough couple of weeks for me - and this story really made me smile. It might make a good thread in itself on encouraging visiting... And wow - that's one massive gavel !!!
  5. Bloke

    How do you carry your weight and maintain bearing?

    He's gone ! I suspect divine intervention from the Moderation Gods :)
  6. Bloke

    Fraternal Regards from India

    Greetings From the above, it sounds like you are not living in India ? Acronyms are funny in Freemasonry. Given you have said HRA I would assume that would mean RAM is Royal Ark Mariners ? I often ask as Nth American Brethren often use RAM for Royal Arch. As Bro Cook points out, this is not...
  7. Bloke

    Esoteric Masonry

    Yeah.. but he drops in and out.. and has his credentials.. .and do we really need an Original Poster to have a good conversation ? :) Let's assume he has wandered off for a drink at the bar... @MarkR does LEO stand for Lodge Education Officer ?
  8. Bloke

    Hope you are well Brother.. been a while since we have seen you here...

    Hope you are well Brother.. been a while since we have seen you here...
  9. Bloke

    Esoteric Masonry

    Ahhhahahaahaha... Should I change my name ? It would amuse me :)
  10. Bloke

    History: Masonry and Conspiracies

    Thank you...sadly my limited language skills don't extend that far, but I can recommend it to some Spanish Speaking Brethren in my lodge who might be interested...
  11. Bloke

    Esoteric Masonry

    I agree with @MarkR , you need to define what esoteric Freemasons is... I think Freemasonry is esoteric by nature. We call it THE CRAFT, that label itself is esoteric in that the uninitiated might think we are speaking of a group of basket weavers.. I also agree with @coachn - ignorance is a...
  12. Bloke

    History: Masonry and Conspiracies

    When you say "independence process" I would think you are speaking in terms of the USA, no, not aware of any credible books but they might be out there... I am not a student of American Freemasonry... but you cannot help get exposed to it because so much is written about it. Freemasonry in the...
  13. Bloke

    Hello from North Carolina

    Greetings and welcome !
  14. Bloke

    Texas checking in.

    Welcome from Australia !
  15. Bloke

    Fraternal greetings from New York

    Welcome from Australia !
  16. Bloke

    Lodges named after Baden Powell (Scouting)

    See Harvard/Australian citation 1910 'BADEN POWELL BOY SCOUTS.', The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1931), 10 December, p. 20. , viewed 23 Feb 2023,
  17. Bloke

    Clarifying Questions

    That's very cool. Never heard of Uncle Dan.... but the skeptic in me wants to dig deeper into this to separate myth from legend from history ;) That said, I have held the VSL given from Baden Powell to one of our lodges.. a nice an meaningful gift... even if BP was too busy to get around to...
  18. Bloke

    Lodges named after Baden Powell (Scouting)

    I will start. Baden Powell Lodge No. 488 is a Masonic Lodge Meeting in Mt Waverly Victoria Australia under the United Grand Lodge of Victoria.. Their webmaster has been slack ! Although not a Freemason, Baden Powell himself supported the foundation of this...
  19. Bloke

    Lodges named after Baden Powell (Scouting)

    Let's start a list of Lodges named after Baden Powell (1867-1941) , founder of the Scouting Movement. They might be Masonic, but any fraternal (or other community group named after Baden Powell) might be of interest. To the causal reader, Sir Baden Powell OM, GCMG, GCVO, KCB, KStJ, DL was not a...