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  1. jonesvilletexas

    Hello Everyone...

    Welcome my brother to the Masonry Your Lodge Number? Brother Jerry (1294;1461)
  2. jonesvilletexas

    Have you read the entire Bible?

    Yes, The 1611 KJV, 1 time per year.
  3. jonesvilletexas

    Attending Church Inquiry

    I may not attend 'church' (due to past negative experiences) but since when is 'attending church' a requirement for 'mutual respect' amongst Masons? Mat 6:24 No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the...
  4. jonesvilletexas

    Constituting Ceremony

    PLEASE SAVE THE DATEJANUARY 17, 2012FREEDOM LODGE NO.1461 Arabia Shrine Temple10510 Harwin, Houston, TexasDinner at 6:00 PMThe Constituting Ceremony Program will start at 7:00 PM and will be open to family and friends To RSVP PLEASE CALL Mike Sevilla (832) 434—2228OR via E-mail...
  5. jonesvilletexas

    What does the "Checkered Pavement" Symbolize?

    The Mosaic, or checkered pavement, represents this world; which, though checkered over with good and evil, yet brethren may walk together thereon and not stumble.
  6. jonesvilletexas

    Reading material for a potential future Chaplain

  7. jonesvilletexas

    Grand Masters Edict

    NOT AT ALL, It is just what it says it is.
  8. jonesvilletexas

    Life is Like a Cup of Coffee

    Life is Like a Cup of Coffee Spiritual Story by Unknown A group of alumni, highly established in their careers, got together to visit their old university professor. Conversation soon turned into complaints about stress in work and life. Offering his guests coffee, the professor went to the...
  9. jonesvilletexas

    Hello Brothers from The ozarks

    Welcome brother my brother to the forum!
  10. jonesvilletexas

    Old barns and old people

    OLD BARNS AND OLD PEOPLE A stranger came by the other day with an offer that set me to thinking. He wanted to bay the old barn that sits out by the highway. I told him right off he was crazy. He was a city type, you could tell by his clothes, his car, his hands, and the way he talked. He said he...
  11. jonesvilletexas

    Happy Holidays
  12. jonesvilletexas

    Christmas (C)
  13. jonesvilletexas


    I cannot believe the question would even come up, good or bad. IF, and it could cause even one of our men or woman to fall into harm’s way, then dam the one’s that would stand up for him. If you think that he has the right, let it be your son or daughter they bring home in a box, I pray that...
  14. jonesvilletexas

    2010 Grand Lodge Annual Communication resolutions results

    Then why not drop it all and just pay dues!! Thay might make a few lazy men happy.
  15. jonesvilletexas

    New Member

    Welcome my brother
  16. jonesvilletexas

    Information Request: The A.L.L. program

    Brother owls84, Could you please send the same to me.?
  17. jonesvilletexas

    Information Request: The A.L.L. program

    It has to be turned in within 90 days after receiving your MM Degree. I am working on putting the A.L.L. book in PDF
  18. jonesvilletexas

    Mwsa district 30

    Anyone wishing to be added to the MWSA District 30 mail out, drop me a line and I would be happy to add you. VISIT US AT OUR Web Site at Brother Jerry Secretary
  19. jonesvilletexas

    What Are the different degrees that y'all have seen

    Went to the USS Texas for a MM Deg. This was the first time in history that a Masonic degree has been held on an American battle ship. WOW it was something knowing that you played a part in history. I was proud to have done the Charge