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  1. Jraiford

    Newbie - just petitioned my local lodge

    Well? Let us know your thoughts!
  2. Jraiford

    Prayers for myself

    Prayers to you. My mom just had a stroke. We have her in the nursing home doing rehab.
  3. Jraiford

    Membership and participation in Freemasonry today

    Every few months we have a rib sale fundraiser for the scholarship fund. That is the greatest turnout we have. We meet on every 2nd Tuesday, and only have a meal when we have guests. Our next greatest turn out is for practice on Thursdays, where we practice an upcoming degree. If there are new...
  4. Jraiford

    Navy or Coast Guard?

    Actually, i believe they moved them to Department of Transportation/ Department of Homeland Security.
  5. Jraiford

    Favorite degree postion

    I have been SD for a EA, FC and MM. I love the SD spot.
  6. Jraiford

    Navy or Coast Guard?

    Oh, and it would be best to get the college degree before enlisting in anything. You could possibly qualify for Officer Candidate School, which would also help you later in life. A lot of people who were in the military end up in Law Enforcement, myself included. If i had gotten a degree, it...
  7. Jraiford

    Navy or Coast Guard?

    I joined the navy at 17, and left a year later and went to boot camp in Florida in August. I really enjoyed my time in the Navy. A few years after i got out, i saw an ad in the paper about working in the oilfield offshore. I began dealing with the coast guard. The coast guard has tons of local...
  8. Jraiford


    My wife has been sick and off work for over a month (pregnant with twins). Bills are piling up, and phone is ringing off the hook from bill collectors. She takes a public office in January and will be on salary. Until she can go back to work, please pray we dont lose the house, vehicles, and...
  9. Jraiford

    Newbie - just petitioned my local lodge

    It is usually hot inside the lodge, since the building is opened and AC turned on about an hour before the meeting starts. We are casual, except for installments, awards, and GL officers visits. We draw the line at shorts and flip flops tho. And sometimes, even overalls are worn. We do not wear...
  10. Jraiford

    Newbie - just petitioned my local lodge

    Depends on your lodge. I wore a nice shirt and blue jeans. And unless a District Deputy is visiting, thats what i wear to lodge. A suit and tie for special events
  11. Jraiford

    New lodge officers

    Our stated meeting is on 2nd Tuesdays. We practice on Thursdays. Depending on whats coming up decides what we practice. If you pay attention during the opening and closing, it seems to stick in my brain better, since for degrees we sometimes switch chairs. So while practicing for a degree, you...
  12. Jraiford


    Yessir. Go to Corrigan, hang a West and 20 miles later you are in downtown Groveton. However, 10 seconds later you are leaving Groveton! Dont blink your eyes.
  13. Jraiford

    Posting lectures and memorization

    Same here, and they must be recited in open lodge. Then you get to look around and see who votes for you.
  14. Jraiford


    Groveton. Eastern Star Lodge #284
  15. Jraiford

    Shriner and Lucifer

    He doesnt appear to be on drugs. He is one probably of those who has a really dry sense of humor and thought it would be funny to mess with this guy. And when i say dry, i mean Sahara Desert dry. Alot of things are only funny to him!! Mental?? Possibly. He could be having a mental episode. But...
  16. Jraiford

    Does Freemasonry accept Catholics?

    We all find God in different ways. Otherwise, there would only be one church. There is only 1 catholic church here (in this county) and i dont know who all goes there. I guess when people are searching for a church home, they find the one they feel comfortable in, the one they feel welcome in...
  17. Jraiford

    Shriner and Lucifer

    HHmmmmmm agreed.
  18. Jraiford

    Posting lectures and memorization

    I just counted 93 questions. 54 for the first section, 15, for the second and 14 for the 3rd. totaling 93.
  19. Jraiford

    Posting lectures and memorization

    I wasthinking around 72 questions with obligation and grips
  20. Jraiford

    Chapter Re-start

    I dont believe my Lodge ever had a chapter, and was wondering if we could even get enough to join. Our student population is about 500 students, preK thru 12th. I dont know enough about it to even know where to start. Also, my daughter is 12 tomorrow, and could probably join the rainbows, if we...