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  1. Brother_Steve

    Conceit, Egotism, Pride -- Why?

    I read about driving a car in high school in drivers Ed. That still didn't prepare me for what it would be like to actually drive a car...
  2. Brother_Steve

    Installed as Junior Warden

    Congrats. It goes fast. Try to get your programs lined up for your year in the east.
  3. Brother_Steve

    Anyone from Grand Lodge of Ohio

    You would have to hire a heir tracer and that could be cost restrictive unless there is a brother who is in that business that could find someone related to the individual. Unfortunately, it would probably be a waste if the man did not have any living direct descendants.
  4. Brother_Steve

    Masonic Cryptocurrency

    Money and trust do not mix. Edited: I picked up on your sarcasm.
  5. Brother_Steve

    Slowly getting back to normal.

    Did you repeat your year? I did not as I only missed 4 meetings last year and I made sure that our second half of the year was getting everyone comfy in advanced chairs through rehearsals.
  6. Brother_Steve

    Masonic Werewolves

    Jeffrey Dahmer defies executive Orders and has 20 people for Thanksgiving.
  7. Brother_Steve

    Stepping Down from an Officer Position?

    Proper masonic etiquette demands it. Not the individual who holds the title. The brother that stands up and insists that you shouldn't call him by his proper title after doing so and points out "because we're all on the level," in front of everyone is just as stressful as the brother who points...
  8. Brother_Steve

    Masters Message: My year in the East is at its end.

    I've not posted much recently. I also avoid using my real name on the internet. However, I'm breaking my own rule just once to share my last message from the East with you all. Brethren, The Winter Solstice marks the shortest day of the year. It is when the sun has reached its greatest...
  9. Brother_Steve

    Has the time come to reach out and ask for new members?

    Invite: make a polite, formal, or friendly request to (someone) to go somewhere or to do something. "we were invited to a dinner at the Embassy" Inviting people to join implies that they are already accepted. How disappointed would they be if they were then told there is a process to join and...
  10. Brother_Steve

    What is your lodge’s WhatsApp group like?

    I have a General Chat, an OFFICER chat and my Warden chat. The general chat is for just that. It got a bit out of hand once but it has been corrected. The current WM must be the administrator and the only one allowed to manage all groups. I employ my Past Masters to talk to those who need...
  11. Brother_Steve

    Knights of columbus?

    The catholic church for all intents and purposes is a corporation. If you want to be a member of their club you need to play by their rules.
  12. Brother_Steve

    How often do you visit other lodges

    I wish I could visit more often. I've only visited three other lodges since being raised. a baby son, going back to school and being an officer sucks my time away. I'm at my own lodge at least 4 ~ 6 times a month. twice for meetings, once for craftsman's club and twice for rehearsals if we...
  13. Brother_Steve

    Many Degrees vs. 3

    It could be done on a district by district basis depending on how many new members that area receives over the course of a year. My district in NJ is seeing a resurgence in membership (new members). There is no way we could tell 20 people that they could conceivably have to wait a year or two...
  14. Brother_Steve

    Long Form v. Short Form Exams

    My jurisdiction went from the long form to short form in 2008. I am studying the long form. I was given an older cipher that contains them. Our newer ciphers do not contain the long form. Our long form exams were short though. Your mentor tested you with another brother and the WM would be...
  15. Brother_Steve


    I am a member of a catholic church but I've not been there since my son was baptized. I am low key with my outward display of masonic symbols so I would not know. Given the fact that we do communicate with our local church, I'm sure I would not have a problem with those who "work" there but I'm...
  16. Brother_Steve

    How many offices ?????

    The outgoing master is always nominated to be the trustee. This year our outgoing master was sick the night nominations were done so our Tyler, a PM is one of three trustees. They serve three years but are staggered so a new person rotates in as one rotates out.
  17. Brother_Steve

    How many offices ?????

    If you mean elected office, then just one. If you mean officer, then possibly two. Our Senior Deacon is usually the chair reserved for "proxy to grand lodge" so the person appointed to the SD chair will most likely be nominated for proxy to grand lodge in my Lodge. Also, the WM, SR and JR...
  18. Brother_Steve

    How does this go??

    Any hints at FL moving towards mutual recognition?
  19. Brother_Steve

    How does this go??

    The Grand Lodge of Florida has senior rights when it comes to the sovereign jurisdiction. Therefore in order to gain recognition with the UGLE, you first have to be recognized by the jurisdiction in which your GL resides. Think of it as connecting the dots. The Grand Lodge and PHA lodge in FL...