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  1. Aeelorty

    Do you believe in Darwinian evolution?

    Yes but unfortunately you can't prove that. Not everything needs to be inspected at all times under the scope of science. Science has it's limits and knows those limits. I think there is great beauty in knowing that our bodies, like are lives, is a mass of equilibria. We are meant to stay the...
  2. Aeelorty

    Do you believe in Darwinian evolution?

    First the rod of asclepius is what is supposed to be used in medicine but some ignorant people use the caduceus. Typically it's businessmen who never learned the difference and confused the two, insurance companies are notable for this. The machine to body analogy is a poor example because the...
  3. Aeelorty

    Do you believe in Darwinian evolution?

    So again it's back to your lack of knowledge on the topic. You take some general idea that you understand as evolution and then use that very limited data to reach a conclusion that with more data you would have avoided. I personally have always look for information to disprove my ideas rather...
  4. Aeelorty

    Do you believe in Darwinian evolution?

    So it is important to point out that you can "evolve" chemicals in the lab to have higher binding affinity for a given ligand. Yes machines can build themselves given the proper coding and hardware. I don't think you understand that your objections to evolution fall outside the realm of...
  5. Aeelorty

    Do you believe in Darwinian evolution?

    So this is not a theory that is testable by science and is immediately excluded from any debate using science because it cannot be tested. Now evolution is a wacky theory it starts with some very basic principles that we can actually test and do sanity checks on. So we have actually be able to...
  6. Aeelorty

    Do you believe in Darwinian evolution?

    So the way you understand Evolution is a very absurd theory, so you are right to reject it. That being said your understanding is very inaccurate. It's really a strawman argument. To be more specific you don't have the and combination of alleles as your brother, unless you're twins. Gene as you...
  7. Aeelorty

    Do you believe in Darwinian evolution?

    I'm not sure of the point you are trying to make with these rhetorical questions or what side of the fence you fall on. So forgive me if I make some bad assumptions. So evolutionary theory describes a change over time and it seems like you might be missing the point, I'm not sure. So the code...
  8. Aeelorty

    Masonic Restoration Foundation Symposium Cincinnati

    Hey is anyone going to the MRF symposium this year?
  9. Aeelorty

    West Gate

    I would dislike the man joining to pass to the shrine's intentions. From the man who is described as slow, it depends on the level of his mental faculties. My could not support a mad man or a fool to become a mason.
  10. Aeelorty

    Do you believe in Darwinian evolution?

    We actually have a great idea about how it works, what are you suggestion that is not know?
  11. Aeelorty

    Do you believe in Darwinian evolution?

    The idea is that if the environment changes to much life might change in such a way that it would be devastating for humanity. Recall what nature does best is kill. A Professor of mine once describes the body as a a fight between competing cells. Osteoblast versus osteoclast. We should always be...
  12. Aeelorty

    Do you believe in Darwinian evolution?

    That right there is the real issue. Theories and explanations differ in accuracy. Secondly not everyone is qualified to interpret the data and the theories they purpose are of lower quality. Specifically the Ancient Aliens theory is the prime example of using poor data and wild speculation. What...
  13. Aeelorty

    Incense in the lodge

    We use it and I love it
  14. Aeelorty

    Do you believe in Darwinian evolution?

    Darwin did not support social darwinism, which is what I assume you are talking about. In fact the term "survival of the fittest" coined by Herbert Spencer is a bit of a misnomer, fitness had nothing to do with beings the physical strongest, it was to do with who produces offspring that then...
  15. Aeelorty

    Do you believe in Darwinian evolution? Bill Nye the Science guy is going to debate on evolution vs creationism on 2/4. It should be a respectful debate on the topic that will help many of people understand the concept of biological evolution.
  16. Aeelorty

    Does GLoT allow Wiccans to become TX masons?

    From my experience with wiccans they believe in a head female and a head male god/spirit that takes on a duality into one being for many, just like other religions not every wiccan believes the same thing.
  17. Aeelorty

    Science proves afterlife ?

    Exactly. Science is based around trying to falsify a hypothesis. Science does not offer "proof" but supporting data. Mathematics can create proofs because it is a different thing. Mr. Lanza may have supporting evidence but he doesn't have proof. Proof is a key word to look for to tell if someone...
  18. Aeelorty

    Sleepy hollow

    Its ok, I find it boring sometimes. I thought it was funny though when Crane said hex bags were tell tale signs of freemasonry
  19. Aeelorty

    Has this occurred?

    I argue that racism would exist without being taught. The reason being that it is an outgrowth from the innate heuristics that our minds run on. We naturally form certain negative beliefs about things that are foreign to avoid danger, this leads to in group bias and out group prejudices...
  20. Aeelorty

    Affordable Health Care (Warning)

    Why don't you change insurance then? Isn't that one of the points of the ACA, that it is possible to shop around now?