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  1. David N.

    What should we do with newly made Master Masons?

    Make them feel welcome, and get them involved. Invite them to practice, it's a great time for people to get to know each other, as well as the work. Take them travelling with you. Introduce them around. Maybe get them involved by learning the working tools so they can take part in a degree...
  2. David N.

    Many Degrees vs. 3

    Degrees are a great source of fellowship for me. I'm typically out travelling 3-4 nights a week if there is work going on, it's where I see my friends and brothers. I'd hate to miss out on all of that. Also, I love putting on Degrees/taking part in the work. I think a Lodge that is busy is...
  3. David N.

    Never thought I'd join, but...

    I have honestly never had much interest in the OES, and was relieved that my girlfriend (niece of a MM) didn't either. The chapter that meets at my lodge pretty much seems to just meet there (meaning you never hear about them doing anything.) And really, I don't need "just another meeting" to...
  4. David N.

    Getting my "FC" Jan18th...

    I love the FC degree. It is a beautiful experience. Enjoy it.
  5. David N.

    To be one ask one.

    Sent you a PM.
  6. David N.

    To be one ask one.

    I'm from South Carolina.
  7. David N.

    Definition of a Masonic Lodge

    In my experience it is expressly forbidden within a tiled lodge. Outside of that, it's advisable to tread lightly. If there are two brothers who agree politically or religiously, great. That's another thing they can share outside of a tiled lodge. However, when broaching the subject, one...
  8. David N.

    Freemasonry the new fad?

    If I were a non-Mason, and wore the S&C on something, possibly an heirloom, and wound up being hassled and then robbed, I...would have a pretty damn low opinion of Masons after that. It isn't the ring or decal that makes me a Mason.
  9. David N.

    Things never to say to a woman.

    "My wife and I agreed, when we got married, that she would make all of the small decisions. I, as man of the house, would make all of the big decisions. It's amazing, after all these years of marriage, that we've never faced any big decisions."
  10. David N.

    Which finger do you wear your ring on and why?

    I'd like to hear more about this, if you don't mind.
  11. David N.

    Passed EA proficiency

    Congratulations. The FC degree is beautiful. Enjoy it!
  12. David N.

    When can I wear my ring?

    In my jurisdiction, we are told not to display any symbols until we are Master Masons. Never heard of splitting up the 3rd. Also, I wouldn't describe any of my Brothers as predatory, as we do not "prey" on "fresh meat" in order to embarrass them. Quite the opposite. I actually find that...
  13. David N.

    South Carolina

  14. David N.

    South Carolina

    So anyways, there are no AF&AM Masons in SC. My Grand Lodge: My state's Prince Hall Grand Lodge: No idea what this Mt Sinai grand lodge is. Don't really care.
  15. David N.

    South Carolina

    I see.
  16. David N.

    South Carolina

    This Mt. Sinai grand lodge is located in SC?
  17. David N.

    South Carolina

    Well. That's interesting.
  18. David N.

    South Carolina

    AF & AM in SC? May I ask your Grand Lodge?
  19. David N.

    Mothers poem

    I am also an FC from a SC AFM Lodge. Haven't heard that name, but curious at to what it refers to?