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  1. Brother John

    York Rite Equivalent of Morals and Dogma?

    You might also pick up W.L. Wlimshurst's books; "The Meaning of Masonry" and "Masonic Initiation". Though these address the craft in general, he does address the Royal Arch in a good deal of it. Love his works!
  2. Brother John

    The Craft: How the Freemasons Made the Modern World

    I recently finished the audio book version. It was just over 16.5 hrs long and was narrated by Simon Slater, who did a very good job. Like you brothers, I found the book very informative. The author is not a member and does a very good job on showing the good and the bad in our history. I...
  3. Brother John

    Learning Resources for an EA

    Congratulations and welcome to the craft! It sounds like you're awakening a real hunger to learn and know more. That's a wonderful trait and a flame to be stoked! A few brothers have already cautioned you, and for good reason, but I won't belabor the issue by trying to add to their good points...
  4. Brother John

    The future of lodges

    Bloke, Thank you for your thoughtful reply on this. This topic is something that I was recently discussing with some brothers around the table before a practice night. The membership in most of the lodges in our area is falling by attrition. I asked a couple of brothers who've been PM's a few...
  5. Brother John

    Northern Blue Lodge, Southern Orient?

    I'd looked up an answer for this very question for a relative of mine. I'd been told that according to the AASR SJ, you don't have to live in the same state as the consistory you aim to join. My family member can live New York, but join a consistory in California, if he wanted to. Might miss...