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  1. Blake Bowden


    Heya Brother!
  2. Blake Bowden

    often tried, never denied, and im willing to be tried again.

    Not everyone here is a Mason. Many members are seeking information or simply have questions regarding membership. That being said, discussion about the work can get you perma banned.
  3. Blake Bowden

    New Member

  4. Blake Bowden

    The Lost Symbol TV Show

    Looking forward to it!
  5. Blake Bowden

    South Florida Freemasons sending shoes to Haiti

    WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — For Carlton Willis the Tamarind community of West Palm Beach is home. It’s also the location of his home away from home - a Freemason Lodge, The Pride of Palm Beach Lodge #447. Lodge Worship Master, Brother Carlton Willis says, "I’ve been a member here for about 16...
  6. Blake Bowden

    Welcome to the new My Freemasonry!

    Welcome to the new site! - All new design - All new forum software - Numerous add-on updates - Updated Tapatalk plugin - Inactive moderators have been moved to the Premium Member group - Enhanced messaging - Enhanced mobile experience - Improved notifications - National Sojourners forum...
  7. Blake Bowden

    Brother Bill Lins

    It is with great sadness to report that Brother Bill Lins has passed away. Brother Lins was one of the founding members of this forum and has served as Moderator since 2008. I had the opportunity to visit with Brother Lins on numerous occasions and to say that he will be missed would be an...
  8. Blake Bowden


  9. Blake Bowden

    Site Update 11/29/2020

    Hah I bet!
  10. Blake Bowden

    Something for secret Santa? The Freemasons open a gift shop
  11. Blake Bowden

    Greetings from Merseyside

  12. Blake Bowden

    What’s the strangest place that you’ve met a brother Mason?

    A week after being raised, I had the opportunity to go on a trip to Israel. I remember sitting in the back of a small tour van with a family from South Africa when the dad/husband noticed my S&C ring. Turns out he was a PM of a Lodge there. Very cool to be in the strangest places and find a Brother.
  13. Blake Bowden

    Site Update 11/29/2020

    Greetings Brethren! The following updates have been implemented: - Building Fraternal Relations forum removed. Threads moved to General Freemasonry - Mobile App & Tapatalk Plugin updated - Finding a Lodge forum renamed Locate a Lodge - 853 Spam Accounts removed - Masonic Event Calendar forum...
  14. Blake Bowden

    Freemasons Say They're Needed Now More Than Ever. So Why Are Their Ranks Dwindling?
  15. Blake Bowden

    Morning y'all.