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    all recognized Master Masons currently in active military service or have in the past served and is

    I would hazard a guess that they need members as do a lot of other organizations.
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    Long Form v. Short Form Exams

    Long Form only. The long form catechisms are the building blocks for the rest of the rituals. If one chooses not to participate in further in ritual nothing is lost by knowing the long forms.
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    Ohio State or Oregon??

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    Good fundraiser ideas please...

    The reason most people have never read the Constitution is because they don't care to. It's free on-line so why would they pay you to read it?
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    As an Officer, what should my priority be?

    As a past DI, I would say if 3 or so Brothers are genuinely interested in the learning the ritual I would gladly show up. It possibly could breed a little more interest from others. With a little time and effort you might be able to put on an EA degree and possibly breathe a new life into the...
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    Reaching out to inactive Brethren's!!

    I've read the minutes of my Mother Lodge from 1927 and the biggest things were; lack of attendance, lack of participation in degrees and trying to raise dues. The more some things change the more they stay the same.
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    Reaching out to inactive Brethren's!!

    Most members are satisfied with Masonry just the way it is. Eighty % are not going to participate no matter what you do. Free beer and dancing girls may help in the short run. Take their dues and stop worrying about them. Get on with our own business of being a Mason. Why make our own...
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    Masonic Rites

    Masonic "bling" has nothing to do with light in Masonry. Just MO, ymmv.
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    Masonic Globes on Pillars

    just checked ebay and there are 906 world globes for sale
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    One Day Masonic Class/Journey

    and that my Brother, is the shortcoming of the ritualist not the ritual. Like any other can heed the lessons or ignore them. The beauty of ritual is that it can be passed on by those who do not understand it to others who might.
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    Masonic Globes on Pillars

    I've seen "world" globes on ebay. Why not buy two and paint one (sky-blue?) with the stars, planets, etc?
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    One Day Masonic Class/Journey

    Memorization is one thing, understanding what is memorized and putting it to work in your life is another thing altogether. Personally, the memorization process is important to me. By the repetition it focuses my mind on what the lessons are. Sometimes it has taken years for me too see...
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    Sanctum Sanctorum

    They can't be too selective....I'm a registered user.
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    "White Lodge" vs. Prince Hall

    Since you asked......I would go where the tangible connections make me the most comfortable rather than the intangible connections with the past. Whatever you decide, I wish you the best experience possible.
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    One black ball?

    I know a couple that got their "virginity" back. At least they act that way.
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    One Day Masonic Class/Journey

    I whole heartedly endorse this. I wish we had this rule. It is tedious, at best, to watch a Master struggle to open and close a lodge. It certainly doesn't speak well to "the right of advancement".
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    Not passing your examination

    That is not true in all jurisdictions
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    Age and Time

    73 Raised 2/8/77