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  1. Pscyclepath

    ISO: PDF version of 'Where Your Treasure Is...12 Masonic Plays' by illustrious Carl Harry Claudy, 33°

    "Where Your Treasure Is" is a hard book to find; back in those days they didn't convert much into Kindle or PDF. I managed to find a used copy through Amazon's used book vendors several years ago. It gets kept in one of those archival folders, it's an excellent read and reference for the way a...
  2. Pscyclepath


    You have to live, or be in a place where there is a recognized lodge or grand lodge, and petition that lodge for membership. Freemasonry is not something that you can join remotely, or on-line. Many Islamic or other Arab countries have prohibited Freemasonry for their own particular...
  3. Pscyclepath

    Why is the north a place of darkness?

    The explanation given in the Monitor, and as explained in the 3rd section of the EA degree, was that the temple was constructed in such a location that the sun "could dart no rays into the northern part thereof. The north, therefore, we Masonically call a place of darkness." In consulting...
  4. Pscyclepath

    Mentally Ill Poster

    Probably not mentally ill... simply devoid of manners.
  5. Pscyclepath


    This is a little lesson that I put in our monthly news letter, and used it as a Masonic education presentation erly last year... It's taken directly from a presentation at Shriners International's 3rd Marketing & Membership conference last February... --------- THE MAGIC PILL OF MEMBERSHIP...
  6. Pscyclepath

    Starting a lodge .

    If you're really serious about starting a local lodge, contact the Grand Lodge within your jurisdiction and determine what their requirements are (Digest of Laws) to organize and start a lodge. Each lodge is required to have a charter from the grand lodge in their jurisdiction in order to exist...
  7. Pscyclepath

    Lambskin Apron not available at Funeral service, Solution

    Both lodges in which I do funeral work have a "go box" stored in the prep room which contains all the paraphrenalia needed to conduct a Masonic funeral, and in it we keep a small supply of aprons suitable for funeral use. A brother is issued his lambskin apron when he receives his EA degree and...
  8. Pscyclepath

    New Here' Hello

    Freemasonry is one of those organizations that principally meet face to face, and most Masonic lectures are taught/learned that way... So you are likely fishing in the wrong pond.
  9. Pscyclepath

    Lodge Secretary Appreciation Day

    Starting my 3rd year in it...
  10. Pscyclepath

    my M.'. Resume

    The current List of Lodges - Masonic does not list any recognized lodges in Dubai. Dubai is one of those Arabic countries where Freemasonry is outlawed in many places. There may be a few sojourning individuals here and there, but no recognized lodges.
  11. Pscyclepath

    Brother Harry Truman

    There's a beautiful biography out there in the used book market by Allen Roberts, "Brother Truman". I have my copy in my little library, and bought a copy for our lodge library as well. It's a good read, and I've probably learned more Masonry from Brother Truman than I have from Albert Pike ;-)
  12. Pscyclepath

    Freemason: General Douglas MacArthur

    Straightening up an old file cabinet a few weeks ago, I came across a set of the old original handwritten record books from the 1800s... I found the record of initiation and membership of one of our more notable past members. This young Brother, an Army and Civil War veteran, was raised to the...
  13. Pscyclepath

    Shrine in Arkansas drops MM requirement

    Things are finally cooling off. The Grand Lodge of Arkansas has reconciled with the Shrine, and as of about two years ago, the Shrine is once again a recognized organization. We have had a sizable purge within the ranks of past grand masters, and the election of some more progressive grand...
  14. Pscyclepath

    Interesting Masonic US history

    Allen Roberts' book, "House Undivided" is a good start in Civil War history; a follow-on "House Reunited" describes the Reconstruction period. Michael Halloran's "The Better Angels of Our Nature" is a good, more recent update. Bullock describes the effect of Masonry during the Revolution in...
  15. Pscyclepath

    Non active members wearing rings etc

    As Brother Glen said, it would depend on the rules in your grand jurisdiction. Typically, to leave your Lodge, you would need to either demit or withdraw. Until then you stay on their books and would continue to receive an annual dues statement. If you fail to pay dues for a two-year period...
  16. Pscyclepath

    York Rite or Scottish Rite

    I've done both... through the Order of the Temple in the Commandery, and the 32nd degree in the AASR. I like them both, and learned a great deal from both of them. If I were forced to choose between one or the other, I would stay with the AASR, not only for the deep fellowship I've found...
  17. Pscyclepath

    How often do you visit other lodges

    About once a week, or at least every other week or so... My home lodge keeps me pretty busy, but we have a pretty good cluster of lodges around the community, and I go over to help with practice nights and degrees on a pretty regular basis...
  18. Pscyclepath

    Many Degrees vs. 3

    The Scottish Rite does this with their Reunions... But it's a different game in the blue lodge. In many, if not most jurisdictions you are restricted to obligating no more than 1 candidate at a time. This gets you into the realm of the "one-day classes," and in my experience, the candidate...
  19. Pscyclepath

    Shrine in Arkansas drops MM requirement

    True... Most other states, except maybe South Carolina appear to have turned a blind eye to the situation. I probably would not have stirred the pot again either, save that upon being elevated to Senior Warden a couple of weeks ago, I had a bit of a sit-down with the incoming grand master...
  20. Pscyclepath

    Shrine in Arkansas drops MM requirement

    For our brothers from other states who are both Master Masons and Shriners who are visiting or moving to Arkansas, the matter gets Complicated. As part of our Master Mason obligation, we made certain promises about sitting or participating in clandestine organizations and holding masonic...