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  1. tantbrandon

    Posting lectures and memorization

    South Carolina requires the memorization taught by a coach, which the candidate gives in open lodge no less than 28 days after they receive their degree.
  2. tantbrandon

    Question for any Brothers in Georgia

    South Carolina is 18 also Sent From My Freemasonry Pro App
  3. tantbrandon

    Designs upon the trestle board

    I was just curious if any brethren here has had any more light on the trestle board. I've visited many lodges and the trestle boards tend to have tr same designs in them. When I ask questions the best answer I get is that they allude to the working tools. Could anyone elaborate in this for me...
  4. tantbrandon

    How did u all become freemasons?

    After realizing that every person I knew whom I had a great deal of respect for we're masons, I realized I needed to find out if it was just coincidence. So I emailed the grand lodge and about two days later the lodge secretary called me and this began my journey into light. My Freemasonry HD
  5. tantbrandon

    Hard Week

    My most sincere and apologetic hopes and thoughts are with you and your family my brother in light. I recently lost my grandfather who was a huge inspiration to my life. Everyone deals with loss differently and it impacts us all differently. Just try to look up and apply whatever life lessons...
  6. tantbrandon

    Preparing for the Entered Apprentice Degree?

    Just open your heart and mind, pay close attention, don't do any forward study, and just take in the experience. It will be one to always remember. My Freemasonry HD
  7. tantbrandon

    House Stenographer Dragged Off Floor

    For me this just provided an unprovoked reason to discuss the beauties of freemasonry with others. I never bring it up first but am delighted to answer questions to the best of my ability. My Freemasonry HD
  8. tantbrandon

    3, 5 and 7 staircase with inner chamber

    Wow! That is incredible. Masterfully built. I bet it makes a wonderful impact on the candidate. My Freemasonry HD
  9. tantbrandon

    The Secret Teachings Of All Ages

    I've actually read that he was initiated passed and raised in a lodge in San Fran. Not sure though. My Freemasonry HD
  10. tantbrandon

    Freemasonry called a cult

    I very simply and eloquent piece of advice I heard an old pm say once was, " Just remember, I don't come to the lodge to worship god. That's what a church is for." That's always stuck with me when people talk about theology and masonry. My Freemasonry HD
  11. tantbrandon

    The Loophole

    Wow! Glad it's only a story. My Freemasonry HD
  12. tantbrandon

    Challenges on the street

    Trolling masons won't gain you anything my friend. My Freemasonry HD
  13. tantbrandon

    When should I get a ring

    That is a great idea! My Freemasonry HD
  14. tantbrandon

    Any advice for a lodge chaplain?

    Thanks! As much as I like to read I can't believe I didn't think of looking for a masonic books with prayers. Lol. I appreciate the advice! My Freemasonry HD
  15. tantbrandon

    Has anyone lost faith with being a Mason?

    Brother in light, I am very sorry to hear of the magnitude of the distress in your life. It also weighs heavily on my heart to hear of the supposed indiscretions of your mother lodge. Please know that your masonic family does care and love for you and your family. While I Believe it...
  16. tantbrandon

    I was just initiated 2 weeks ago..

    The best advice I got was to not do a whole lot of forward research, which was difficult for me. I like to read everything I can get my hands on before I started on something. So to placate myself I just delved deeply into the last degree I took to keep myself away from the next degree...
  17. tantbrandon

    Any advice for a lodge chaplain?

    I was a Chaplain Assistant in the Army, so that was 80% of my job, just providing an outlet for people. That aspect I have no qualms, issues or worries about, I have a fairly good memory and won't have a problem remembering the prayers or circumnavigations, I've just been looking for some...
  18. tantbrandon

    Any advice for a lodge chaplain?

    I was nominated to be my lodges chaplain. And I am unopposed. Any advice or stories about this position as it looks like I will be it next year? Fraternal thanks and wishes to all. My Freemasonry HD
  19. tantbrandon

    Working Tools

    Does anyone else have a special spot in their hearts for the working tools of masonry? I just live the duality and allusions in the lectures I've heard do far. I'm being raised to the sublime degree of master mason on 29 August 2013. I can't wait to hear the last one. Does anyone have any...
  20. tantbrandon

    Why do most want to be Freemason

    The fellowship as well as education. Freemason Connect Mobile