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  1. goomba

    Saying Hello

    Welcome to the site brother!
  2. goomba

    Hello from Tucson AZ!

    Welcome to the site! Enjoy your first degree.
  3. goomba

    What do masons do?

    My reply is: "That is a broad question. It's like asking what teachers do. Different teachers do different things. I'll give you the generic answer and then I'll give you my answer." This usually leads into a discussion because there is so much that anything does that short answers are a...
  4. goomba

    Is Christianity really compatible with Freemasonry?

    And then Masonry isn't Masonry but it's something else. Not necessarily something bad but something else than what it once was.
  5. goomba

    Hello to all!

    Welcome to the site brother!
  6. goomba

    New member intro

    Welcome to the site brother!
  7. goomba

    Adults/Kids With ADD/ADHD

    To say the medications do not do anyone any favors is a broad generalization that is to simplistic. My counselor, psychiatrist, and physiologist (as do I) agree that my current course of treatment is proper. I'm certified by the National Alliance for Mental Illness in crisis intervention and...
  8. goomba

    Adults/Kids With ADD/ADHD

    I have ADHD. I exhibit the H which I wish I didn't. My wife can tell right off the bat if I skip my meds. The meds work wonders for me.
  9. goomba

    How often do you visit other lodges

    Depends how I feel. On average twice a month.
  10. goomba

    Hello from 693

    Welcome to the site brother!
  11. goomba

    About to go through my Chivalric Orders

    Congrats companion.
  12. goomba

    York Rite or Scottish Rite

    I am not a Scottish Rite Mason. However I did join the York Rite. It has been by far the most enjoyable group I have ever belonged to in any organization ever. The degrees are great. I knew I wanted to join the YR before I was ever an EA. I love Royal Arch Masonry and one day would like to...
  13. goomba

    Commandery Uniform Changes

    Oh no aprons are great. I was talking about the clothing that a brother has to wear to just "show up". That did come across as much more harsh than I meant it to. A black suit could be worn in the symbolic lodge, chapter(s), and commandery. It could also be worn at various other events. It...
  14. goomba

    Hello everyone

    Welcome to the site and the third degree brother!
  15. goomba

    Commandery Uniform Changes

    If a black suit is not formal enough for a Masonic body meeting then I think the body needs to evaluate its goals. This is why in my commandary I refuse to take an office.
  16. goomba

    Why I demited out of York Rite

    I would love all the Masonic groups to agree that a black suit is acceptable.
  17. goomba

    2nd Degree

    Congratulations. Enjoy your wages.
  18. goomba


    Yes. Like so many questions with that require a predetermined response neither of these are completely correct. Ergo I have supplied a third response.
  19. goomba

    Swedish Rite

    This Rite seems very interesting with the additional degrees. The additional degrees are similar to the rites in the USA if I understand it right. I have heard there is a conversion chart to show what degree in their system is equal to in the AASR or YR. If there is a chart I would love to...
  20. goomba

    New uk member

    Welcome to the site and fraternity brother.