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  1. TCShelton

    Confederation of French Grand Lodges Formed

    A lot. How much time is spent in lodge discussing the payment of bills and fundraising as opposed to educational lectures?
  2. TCShelton

    Let's Make a Difference

    Got a kick out of this when i checked my email today. Very nice. Keep it up.
  3. TCShelton

    Keeping myself in check.

    THE Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Texas. FYI, PHA Masons in Texas have the same restrictions you have in regards to Masonic Communication per the compact both Grand Masters signed. Again, keep in mind there is a predominantly black (non-PHA) four letter Grand Lodge in...
  4. TCShelton

    Keeping myself in check.

    In order to stop beating this extremely dead horse, can we move and pin this thread in the PHA section so all those who ask these same questions in the future can benefit from what has already been said? Bottom line for me is that the GAOTU created unity, and man created division. When it...
  5. TCShelton

    Keeping myself in check.

    The exact same way any two Grand Jurisdictions communicate and visit. How would you visit a 4 letter lodge in Oklahoma? You would go in and abide by the customs of the lodge you are visiting. PHGLoTx is just another Grand Jurisdicition.
  6. TCShelton

    Keeping myself in check.

    The only issue of that I have ever heard of was back in the early 80s when a Brother was given the boot for marrying a black woman. As far as the entrance requirements between both jurisdictions, they are almost identical, except that PHA requires a man to be 21 as opposed to 18 as in the...
  7. TCShelton

    Keeping myself in check.

    The Moderns, which was the older of the two.
  8. TCShelton

    Keeping myself in check.

    Prince Hall received his charter from the Grand Lodge of England in 1780s. Keep in mind, the UGLE as we know it wasn't formed until 1813 when the Ancients and Moderns united in England. The Grand Lodge of England who issued Prince Hall the charter was the older of those two. Also keep in mind...
  9. TCShelton

    Keeping myself in check.

    If people weren't even allowed to drink at the same water fountains less than 50 years ago, why do you think we would all be able to sit in lodge together? Come on people.
  10. TCShelton

    Everyone Participate.. !

  11. TCShelton

    Have you read the entire Bible?

    Yep. And the whole Koran, Torah, and a bunch of others.
  12. TCShelton

    PHA,how are we so different

    I'd be glad to answer this question for any serious inquirers via pm. And yes, I am that founding member who switched over to PH. ;)
  13. TCShelton

    Building bridges with our Prince Hall Brethren

    Nice. Delighted to see this.
  14. TCShelton

    Proposed Racism Resolution

    Congrats Bro. Bill. Good to see a quality, well written and much needed resolution pass.
  15. TCShelton

    You cant fire me ! I quit !

    Yep. I hear that.
  16. TCShelton

    Master Mason Degree

  17. TCShelton

    I want a chili recipe

    Trust Richard. He would know. lol
  18. TCShelton

    I want a chili recipe

    Add a good portion of spicy chorizo. Makes all the difference.
  19. TCShelton

    A Worshipful Master

    Nice post.