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  1. Nate C.

    Any Vietnamese Freemason?

    Cuba is an exception. See linked article: FIDEL CASTRO & THE CURIOUS CASE OF FREEMASONRY IN CUBA
  2. Nate C.

    Fort Benning / Columbus Georgia

    By any chance, are there any brethren on here residing in immediate vicinity of Fort Benning/Columbus, Georgia? Thanks.
  3. Nate C.

    I want to be a Freemason

    That quickly became quite complicated.
  4. Nate C.

    I want to be a Freemason

    Without having any knowledge of current international travel restrictions or of your personal circumstances, I ask this: would the Grand Lodge of Lebanon (that is a hyperlink) be an option for you?
  5. Nate C.

    Costa Rica

    By any chance, are there any brethren on here residing in Costa Rica? Thanks.
  6. Nate C.

    So, . . . did you see this news item: At least 40 killed in Mexico in 24-hour . . .

    Re: So, . . . did you see this news item: At least 40 killed in Mexico in 24-hour . . That whole country is about ready to melt down.
  7. Nate C.

    Hand Slightly Inside the Coat

    Maybe his hand got cold?
  8. Nate C.

    Lodge Signs and the traveling mason

    Sean, you can still spot them around SE Texas but they aren't as prevalent as they once were. Have a safe vacation. If you are back in town by Wednesday (22 June), we are having an EA.
  9. Nate C.

    Questions Bout Endowment

    Due to the economy, there has not been much of a return to the blue lodges in recent years on the Endowed membership funds invested by GLOT. To make matters more dire, I think the Grand Lodge has been forced to dip into the principal on the invested funds to cover their own expenses for the last...
  10. Nate C.

    ring ceramony???

    The only ring ceremony I am familiar with has nothing to do with Masonry, and it is only held in Northgate, College Station TX.
  11. Nate C.

    Masonic History Being Lost!

    Don't the minutes of demised lodges go to GLOT for archiving?
  12. Nate C.

    Assistance if you please

    For twenty dollars a year, any Mason in good standing can subscribe to the Southern California Research Lodge (SCRL) newsletter. They send out a monthly newsletter that is mostly a compilation of Masonic publications/articles from around the world. They also offer book sales at reasonable...
  13. Nate C.

    Little Hole in the Wall

    Restaurant Name: JuJu's Cajun Crawfish Shak Kind of Food: Boiled Crawfish, and that's all Location:18277 FM 365, Fannett TX What you like about it: Best crawfish in SE Tx. That's all the sell. When the crawfish are gone, they close until next year.
  14. Nate C.


    PM sent to OP.
  15. Nate C.

    Life Membership for outgoing Masters

    It is customary in our lodge to give the outgoing WM an Endowed Membership.
  16. Nate C.

    Masonic Tattoos

    I would get one if I could make up my mind what to get. There are several Brothers around the state who are tattoo artists. There is an entire website devoted to Masonic Tattoos. I think it is called 'Masonic Ink' if you are interested in looking it up.
  17. Nate C.

    masonic gift

    I have my great grandfather's masonic ring, but it is too fragile for me to feel comfortable wearing it. One of the Sir Knights from Beauseant Commandery # 86 in Illinois makes handmade skinning knives as a fundraiser. They have antler handles with the S&C engraved in the side. I gave one to my...
  18. Nate C.


    Welcome. The brethren at Old West 813 in Newhall CA once had a similar website called, but I fear it has gone offline.
  19. Nate C.

    What do you tell the Anti Freemason?

    I try to point out that an organization composed of a sizeable representation of our founding fathers (national as well as state) that espouses free thinking and a belief in deity can't possibly live up to all of those conspiracy theories. However, some folks just can't be reasoned with...
  20. Nate C.

    What would you like to see changed in Masonry?

    I would like for the rules to allow Texas Masons to participate in local community parades representing their blue lodge. In other jurisdictions this is the norm and a good mechanism for enhancing the visibility of the lodge and its membership in the community. However, as I understand it, Texas...