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  1. phulseapple

    360°s of SR

    I have heard from another reputable forum that that there is, or was, a legitimate Rite that does in fact have a total of 360 degrees. Whether it is still active or not, I do not know but it it was called something along the lines of The Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis Misraim.
  2. phulseapple

    Masonic Years

    When I hear the term "masonic year" I think of the time period that my jurisdiction is active, or has meetings. For me in NY, that would be from September through the end of May.
  3. phulseapple

    How long is your lodge process for being Entered,Raised and Past

    Our current class (8 total) were just initiated on November 8 this year. We have been meeting with them since April or May of last year. Their FC is scheduled for February 2015 and the MM is slated for April 2015. We are adopting more of an Observant approach so we are not rushing our...
  4. phulseapple

    Memory work

    Here in NY anyway, you must make suitable proficiency. As long as you show that you understand the concepts, you will be fine. Word for word rote memorization will come with practice and attending more degrees.
  5. phulseapple

    Do freemasons serve GOD and Satan ? "c : an act or series of acts regularly repeated in a set precise manner " . This can be anything, so my example above is in fact, accurate.
  6. phulseapple

    Do freemasons serve GOD and Satan ?

    You are hung up on the term ritual. It is merely a way of doing the same thing the same way to ensure a common frame of reference. You take part in ritual every day whether you realize it or not. Wake up, shower, dress, eat breakfast, go to work/school, go home repeat. That is a daily ritual...
  7. phulseapple

    Feelings about wearing light...

    Have you asked this gentleman why he feels this way? It would be a perfect way to open up a conversation. He may give you something to think about, and you may do the same for him. In my lodge anyway, the older guys love to talk to the younger guys about how things were done back in the day.
  8. phulseapple

    EA Recital tomorrow n8ght

    Remember, everyone there has done it and was just as if not more nervous so take your time and go at your pace.You will do fine.
  9. phulseapple

    Surprise!! You're elected to S.D.

    In NY, Tiler is appointed.
  10. phulseapple

    Surprise!! You're elected to S.D.

    That is awesome brother. I do caution you though on taking on such a rigorous chair this quickly. It is a lot of fun, but also a lot of work too. That is something that can be easily overlooked. I am sure you will do well, just don't be shy about asking for assistance. Congratulations again.
  11. phulseapple

    Surprise!! You're elected to S.D.

    Yes, Marshal is considered part of the appointed line and was my second chair. We too have had the same luck of needing to turn guys away. Generally the only time a PM has to take a chair is as a fill in for a Warden. The big 5 are elected as are Trustees, 1 each for a 1, 2 and 3 year term.
  12. phulseapple

    Surprise!! You're elected to S.D.

    When were you raised to the sublime degree? My first chair was Sr. Steward and I have sat in each successive chair except one. We have Sr and Jr Master of Ceremonies which some jurisdictions do not. My progression was Sr. Steward-->Marshal-->Sr. Master of Ceremonies (I skipped Jr)-->Jr...
  13. phulseapple

    One Day Masonic Class/Journey

    Agreed they are mentioned, but a full understanding of them is not. For example, why is it called a common gavel? Or, what is the significance of the mosaic pavement or the ark and anchor, the beehive, pencil or Skirrit. Memorizing the words is good, memorizing the full meaning and the...
  14. phulseapple

    One Day Masonic Class/Journey

    My lodge is starting just that. We are requiring all candidates to prepare a short paper on some part of each of the degrees to show they have that understanding. We are becoming an Observant lodge and this is one of the criteria.
  15. phulseapple

    One Day Masonic Class/Journey

    I offer this up for contemplation. As speculative masons, we use allegory to symbolically use the working tools of the operative stone mason. An operative stone mason was required to spend a certain amount of time as an apprentice and then as a fellow craft working under the direction of a...
  16. phulseapple

    Few younger masons

    My lodges used to confer 2 sets of degrees each year. We have changed this to one set over the entire masonic year (Sept - May here in NY) so instead of going from EA to MM in 10 weeks, it takes about 8 months of work . This work will now include presenting a paper on some portion of the...
  17. phulseapple

    One Day Masonic Class/Journey

    Personally I am opposed to the one day class for Blue Lodge, mainly because of how my lodge has been doing degrees. However, I can say that under certain circumstances, it could be appropriate. It would also depend on how the class is held. If each degree was conferred and time spent between...
  18. phulseapple

    Online Freemasonry

    45 minutes? What got accomplished?
  19. phulseapple

    I petitioned and got accepted....

    Will the interview be in your home or somewhere else? My lodges tries to do them at the petitioners home.
  20. phulseapple

    Posting lectures and memorization

    Here in NY, Each degree has a series of Questions and Answers that must be memorized. This includes a recitation of the obligation, the working tools, and explanation of the the signs and grips and giving of the words properly.