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  1. Mosaic

    What should we do with newly made Master Masons?

    Thi1s is a great discussion and topic, by the way.
  2. Mosaic

    What should we do with newly made Master Masons?

    I like the idea of finding their calling during their pre-raising mentorship process. Every man has a skill or gift whether he knows it or not, and those gifts can often be found before he is raised. The key is give him a sense of ownership and drive home the fact that the brothers WANT him...
  3. Mosaic

    Advice for a new Secretary

    Who'd you piss off? Lol. Just kidding. Get with a couple of different sec's in your district and seek their counsel, especially some who've done it a while. It also wouldn't hurt to seek info from your district deputy on things like demits, etcs.
  4. Mosaic

    What do you like/dislike about the AASR?

    How spread out are the Valley's out in Texas?
  5. Mosaic

    Anyone else disappointed by...

    What is your lodge name and number and what Grand Lodge is it under? That'll help us help you figure out the exact reason behind your situation.
  6. Mosaic

    Apron opinions?

    My apron My jurisdiction (PHA AL) is forbids a lot of custom stuff. They even forbid working tools, etc. I kinda prefer it that way because it keeps a little uniformity. There are some gray areas (I want an English style apron one of these days)
  7. Mosaic

    Where to find lodge furnishings?

    Hello all. My lodge is looking into sprucing up our meeting room. Where's a good place to find things such as pillars, ashlars, mosaic rugs etc? We found plenty of rough ashlars but those "good ones" are hard to find. Almost like in real life LOL.
  8. Mosaic

    Alabama Prince Hall Masons Americanism Football Classic Established

    We sure do! What part of Sweet Home do you hail from?
  9. Mosaic

    Alabama Prince Hall Masons Americanism Football Classic Established BIRMINGHAM – Alabama State University and the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Alabama announced the establishment of the Prince Hall Masons Americanism Football Classic Tuesday at the Sheraton Hotel Ballroom. The...
  10. Mosaic

    Making meetings more interesting

    We're all familiar with meetings that trend to the mundane nature of reading minutes, paying bills, eating & going home. I'm curious of ideas to make meetings more interesting. Do you incorporate masonic instruction into your meetings? If so, is there a committee to handle various things such...
  11. Mosaic

    How does your lodge handle & schedule conferring of degrees?

    Does your lodge confer degrees throughout the year with individual candidates, as they turn in their proficiency? Or do you confer degrees with a "class" of candidates, with multiple candidates receiving degrees at the same time? If you confer them individually, who is responsible for...
  12. Mosaic

    Advice for a new lodge secretary?

    The good part is, my WM and most recent PM both served as secretary. My WM says he plans to assist me heavily. *whew* Any other advice is greatly appreciated!
  13. Mosaic

    Masonic paintings, art work, etc

    Let's post some neat artwork. I'll start us off.
  14. Mosaic

    Preserving aging aprons?

    Much appreciated everyone. Thanks for the response.
  15. Mosaic

    Preserving aging aprons?

    Good day all. I have a couple of old aprons & gloves handed me by my grandfather before he passed away in 2002. I notice most aprons begin to discolor with age. Is there a way to preserve them? Perhaps by getting them framed or using some substance to hold the color and texture? Thanks in...
  16. Mosaic

    Advice for a new lodge secretary?

    Howdy brothers. My WM has asked me to serve as secretary of our lodge. I've accepted the challenge. Any advice? I'm all ears. Thanks in advance.
  17. Mosaic

    Is God universal?

    Brothers, I dont mean to detract from this wonderful discussion, but why do some elect to omit the letter o in God? (As in, G_d)? Pardon my darkness...
  18. Mosaic

    New candidate

    I can't stress this enough: Listen CLOSELY to everything that is said around you, at all times. Whether it's during your degree or in study sessions.