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  1. MarkR


    Most likely only when there is a meeting of one of the Masonic bodies that meet there.
  2. MarkR

    Recent MM Degree in Texas

    Minnesota also doesn't give a dues card until MM.
  3. MarkR

    Male and Female Grand Lodges Counter Misinformation With New 'Council for Freemasonry in England and Wales'

    Unless your obligation (not oath) is substantially different than mine, acknowledging that women Freemasons exist is not a violation. I can't sit in lodge with a woman Freemason, and I can't participate in making a woman a mason, nor can I discuss anything considered "secret" by my Grand Lodge...
  4. MarkR

    Recent MM Degree in Texas

    Welcome to the craft, from Minnesota. Tell us what lodge you were raised in.
  5. MarkR

    I'm Back

    Welcome back. It's pretty quiet these days.
  6. MarkR

    Any HAMs?

    Don't know how I missed this thread for so long. KB9RM here.
  7. MarkR

    Guthrie, Oklahoma Scottish Rite Spring Reunion April 5-7

    I've done the Guthrie Spring Reunion twice. It's really worth it at least once if you're a Scottish Rite Mason.
  8. MarkR

    Four Score, Five Years and a Couple of Days Ago...

    Chris, Chris. Four score and five is 85. A score is twenty.
  9. MarkR

    Return of the spammer

    They need to make a couple more moderators.
  10. MarkR

    Why is the north a place of darkness?

    Yep. As you know, it's rare in American jurisdictions.
  11. MarkR

    Masonic Music

    Huh? :confused:
  12. MarkR


    I'd actually be relieved that nothing had changed. I hope you didn't think that becoming a Mason would get you favored status at work. I don't know about your jurisdiction, but in mine those kind of expectations are addressed in the interrogatories before the first degree.
  13. MarkR


    First of all, you should ask to meet with him privately. Ask him why you've been passed over. If his answer isn't one that restores your faith in your lodge, perhaps you need to look for another lodge in your area that's a better fit for you.
  14. MarkR

    In Need of Advice...

    I dabble in guitar playing (retirement project.) Posters in a guitar group I frequent sometimes drive me nuts with this. The other day there was a thread with the title "DLR" Reading the post, he was apparently referring to some rock performer, but continued to only refer to him as DLR. From...
  15. MarkR

    Table lodge

    It's so funny. I've seen people on forums get lectured about using the search function so they don't bring up a topic that there is already a thread on. But others get lectured about resurrecting old threads. What's a brother to do? ;)
  16. MarkR


    For a workhorse ring, stainless steel is a good option. Try here to see if there's anything that you like:
  17. MarkR

    Bro Johnson Gideon Beharry, VC, COG (born 26 July 1979)

    Thanks. VC I know. Companion of the Order of Grenada I've never heard of.
  18. MarkR

    Bro Johnson Gideon Beharry, VC, COG (born 26 July 1979)

    I'm proud to call him my brother. What's "COG?"