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  1. JanneProeliator

    My journey so far

    I haven't updated anything in a year and half. It has been somewhat busy masonic times here in Finland due to our upcoming 100 years festivities. Grand lodge of Finland turns 100 this year and our first three lodges turned 100 in 2022 and 2023. Fr that project I accepted the role of an assistant...
  2. JanneProeliator

    Masonic Music

    In Finland our national composer brother Jaen Sibelius wrote unique music from Finnish freemasons to use. I know it has been uset at least in New York at Sibelius Lodge. Here you can find the music. Open te link in different browser to find all the music.
  3. JanneProeliator

    Odd Fellows

    There is a brother in my lodge who is also an Odd Fellow. At least in our jurisdiction there is no problem of joining both. Adn I don't think there should be any problem in any jurisdiction because OF does not claim to be masonry and is a separate brotherhood.
  4. JanneProeliator

    My emblems

    We use the letter G in Finland. G could be Geometry or God or something else. Eaven, we speak Finnish in here there is no point of changing the G to J (Jumala) if meaning is God. It has also other meanings and original language of freemasonry is English so why change it. :)
  5. JanneProeliator

    Masonic Instagram?

    I am part of the Grand lodge of Finland's communications committee and we started Instagram and Facebook pages for the grand lodge last autumn. I personally think that it is good that we have an outlet for where we can display freemasonry like we wish it to be displayd. Here is the link to the...
  6. JanneProeliator

    What are your opinion on the widow sons club ?

    I like the "chicken wings" patch more too. WE use that design in FInland. There is three different logos used within WS. Elvira, "chicken wings" and square and compass
  7. JanneProeliator

    I have received 6 Blackballs

    OK. Got it. Thanks.
  8. JanneProeliator

    I have received 6 Blackballs

    Okay. So if there is black cubes and black balls and white rubber balls and white rubber balls in the ballot then how does the blind brother know how he votes?
  9. JanneProeliator

    I have received 6 Blackballs

    What if they accidentally take out black ball instead of white one?
  10. JanneProeliator

    What are your opinion on the widow sons club ?

    What baffles me is that many times (not particularly in this thread) brethren criticize WS for having leather vests and patches. And suggest joining different masonic riding groups witch also usually wear vests and patches... In FInland we have actual MC clubs for Police, several military...
  11. JanneProeliator

    What are your opinion on the widow sons club ?

    Just a different club. I'm no expert but otherwise they are pretty much the same with WS. Not an MC and for master masons only.
  12. JanneProeliator

    What are your opinion on the widow sons club ?

    I am a part of Widows sons MRA and in my opinion WS is a great organisation. At least here in Finland. On the other hand I don't think anyone should attend lodge wearing letter vests or t-shirts regardless of affiliation to anything. In Finland we wear tuxedo or black suit to any formal...
  13. JanneProeliator

    My journey so far

    I taught that it is time to write something about how the things in here are going. Finally next week I have my Royal Arch degree. I am so excited for that. I have been working as a senior deacon in my lodge for a year now and will continue as so next year. In my Mark lodge I work as a junior...
  14. JanneProeliator

    How to contact my nearest lodge grandmaster

    I stand corrected. Is DGLEA directly under UGLE or another grand lodge? THey are not found form UGLEs list of foreign grand lodges.
  15. JanneProeliator

    How to contact my nearest lodge grandmaster

    Closest recognized grand lodge from Malaysia is in India or Taiwan.
  16. JanneProeliator

    Greetings from Dubai

    Hejsan Mike. Din bästa chans att vara med är att kontakta Svenska Frimurarorden när du återvänder till sverige.
  17. JanneProeliator

    Petitioned to join Commandry

    I am joining HRA in September and I am fairly interested in joining Cryptic Council. The nearest Council is in Tallin Estonia witch is 3,5 car drive and a boat ride to another country away from me... =D So I have to really figure out if I have the time (and the money) to do so.
  18. JanneProeliator

    New member in Finland

    Tervetuloa tällekin foorumille. Täältä löytyy paljon hyvää tietoa. :)
  19. JanneProeliator


    I have to find some extra time and visit SMOR brethren in Helsinki this year. :)
  20. JanneProeliator


    Ok I must try to find my self time to visit one of the Swedish rite lodges here in Finland one day. I have heard that the ritual is very beautifull. *I should get my RA degree in august so I would be able to come to 4th and 5th degree. Or eaven 6thg...?