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    What should we do with newly made Master Masons?

    It's been my experience new Master Masons are looking for direction. What is the first thing the Lodge does? Make them the Tyler, I can't think of a worse idea. The purpose of the Lodge is the Craft, I would start a new Master Mason in the Degrees, start them out as the Junior or Senior...
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    Shrine Rings

    Try Pro Line, they make custom rings at a great price.
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    What units/clubs are you a member?

    Directors Staff
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    Military Personal?

    I am Retired USAF and a disabled combat veteran, I don't look down upon civilians. But, I do look up to anyone who served in the military.
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    Anti masonic brother

    That is it in a nutshell! Well stated.
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    Making meetings more interesting

    My Lodge meets twice a month for one hour, to do business. The first meeting the Stewards cook the second the wives do pot luck. On the second and fourth weeks there is a meeting where Degrees / practices are done. This schedule is the best I have seen.
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    What Do New Freemasons Really Want?

    You are bang on, I would rather have three dedicated Brothers who the Lodge can count on than 30 who just came to get a ring.
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    Posting lectures and memorization

    My Lodge in NM, both Q & A memorized, word for word, no mistakes either in committee or in Lodge.
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    What units/clubs are you a member?

    Legion of Honor
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    Grand Master

    Thanks Brothers for your imput, I think Brothers dfreybur and Bro. Stewart have hit the nail on the head. This has turned into the PGM's personal Lodge. I did speak with the Grand Lodge, the answer was to put a group of Brothers together and vote out the entire Line. Easier said than done. I'm...
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    Hot Sands

    I survived! I honestly can't remember when I have had so much fun! Many thanks to the NM Shrine for all the hard work they put in to make me a Noble! My Freemasonry
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    Hot Sands

    I am going through the Ceremonial today in Albuquerque! Very excited - Fezing and Military Ball tonight at the Shrine Center. My Freemasonry