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  1. Brent Heilman

    Results- 2013 Texas Grand Annual Communication

    Uniformity for the sake of uniformity can't be a good road to travel. What fits the needs for one Lodge does not mean it is a suitable fit for every Lodge. I have been away for far too long apparently and have forgotten much of what I knew about Texas Masonry. Long form, short form are things I...
  2. Brent Heilman

    3rd Degree

    Congrats Brother!
  3. Brent Heilman

    Results- 2013 Texas Grand Annual Communication

    Thanks, for clearing that up. It surprises me how some Lodges decide to do something and yet don't exercise enough judgement to properly practice or prepare for what they want to do.
  4. Brent Heilman

    Results- 2013 Texas Grand Annual Communication

    Thanks, I had been away from here so long I thought maybe something might have happened somewhere.
  5. Brent Heilman

    Results- 2013 Texas Grand Annual Communication

    I know it has been a LONG time since I have been on here (work issues) so I may have missed something in the past, but why the ban on a CoR?
  6. Brent Heilman

    US Navy

    I was until 2008. FC2(SW) (I was an AEGIS guy) on the USS Philippine Sea (CG-58). I wasn't a part of the Fraternity during my time in. Really wish I would have been though.
  7. Brent Heilman

    iPhone Cases

    Holy smokes they look awesome, but do me no good. I have the Note II. I would hate to see what the price of those would run.
  8. Brent Heilman

    I am a MM in Oklahoma member of Wynnewood lodge #40 valley lodge #6 and Carnegie lodg

    Re: I am a MM in Oklahoma member of Wynnewood lodge #40 valley lodge #6 and Carnegie Welcome Brother from Duncan, OK!
  9. Brent Heilman

    Initiated a few hours ago. Wow!

    Congrats! The best is yet to come.
  10. Brent Heilman

    I.C. question

    Be yourself, be honest, and relax. Also, think of questions you might have. There may be things that you are curious about that can be answered there.
  11. Brent Heilman

    Moore Tornado Recovery

    Indeed makes me proud to see all help that came from all over. My team was made up of people from Ft. Worth, Idaho, NYC, Nevada, and Maryland.
  12. Brent Heilman

    Moore Tornado Recovery

    A little background on Team Rubicon if any are curious. The website: A short youtube video here:
  13. Brent Heilman

    Moore Tornado Recovery

    These last few days I have been up in Moore to help with the recovery efforts in the wake of the tornadoes that have plagued our region as of late. I went as a volunteer with a group called Team Rubicon. We are made up of military veterans and medical professionals and respond around the world...
  14. Brent Heilman

    Brand new EA

    Congrats Brother!
  15. Brent Heilman

    Officially Passed!!

  16. Brent Heilman

    your thoughts on the direction government is headed

    Also, I would think that if this situation does escalate to the point of conflict then I foresee another problem popping up trying to take advantage of the situation. That problem would be Iran. I can see them using this as an opportunity to get back at the "Zionists".
  17. Brent Heilman

    Petition for Joint Recognition and Visitation

    Just my personal thoughts are that I highly doubt that is exactly the way Bro. Blake worded the email. In no way do I see those questions as critical of their leadership. It seems to me that they are more of a fact finding type of email. I wouldn't know of any other way to ask those questions...
  18. Brent Heilman

    In The Garden

    After the last couple of days of 40° weather and rain I am really glad I didn't plant anything outside yet. Hopefully, this weekend I will get to it.
  19. Brent Heilman


    Congrats Brother!