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  1. Ashley Challis

    Installed as the master of my lodge

    Congratulations, well done. Good photo too. Ash.
  2. Ashley Challis

    The Hiram Key

    Hi there, The master of lodge Cronulla said I should have a read, but I never did. I might get an edition. Ash.
  3. Ashley Challis

    What to say to anti-masons at church?

    Thanks for the answers, I love wearing anything to do with the craft. Another Freemason at church he has done 32 degree's he said I'll start wearing my ring too. Ash.
  4. Ashley Challis

    What to say to anti-masons at church?

    How is the best way to defend yourself from anti-masons at church? One came up to me the other day before the service in front of the minister and said "Hi Ash I see you don't have your Masonic ring on". He felt the need to expose me. To top it all off his father was in the Craft too. I spoke on...
  5. Ashley Challis


    Thankyou, your welcome has encouraged me to post more threads, I'll try not offend anyone with some of the esoteric things I like to say. Google search keith King Freemason for top Masonic imformation. Kind regards Ashley Challis.
  6. Ashley Challis


    HI there, I'm Ashley Challis, Lodge Sylvania Sydney Australia. I have done 18 degrees and I'm 36 years old. In the mystical side of Freemasonry is what I like the most, for example reason, logic and intuitive knowing and how to get it. (a proper knowledge of symbols in a split second...