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    Explaining the "higher" degrees.

    This is a matter of personal preference with, as you rightly say with no right or wrong answers. Using rhetoric in the friendliest and most brotherly of manners I can assert that knowledge and learning never stops, it is a continuous stream. As Masons we are taught to make a daily advancement in...
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    Explaining the "higher" degrees.

    Very well put, this puzzle we call life is made up of dangly bits. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using My Freemasonry HD mobile app
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    Explaining the "higher" degrees.

    Everything is part of the whole. These divisions, separations and classifications of higher, lower, best, worse, etc, are part of the process of how our brains classify information. Let me put it this way, if we choose to start comparing craft lodge, appendant bodies, etc and instead of...
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    Explaining the "higher" degrees.

    Interesting analogies and explanations. Such terms as higher and lower, much like superior and inferior are concepts of the human mind which we use to create contrast. On the most part our designations are subjective. In other words, what's perceived as better or higher by one individual may...
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    Your Prediction: Freemasonry in 5-10 Years

    The ebb and flow is a Universal Law, there will be ups and downs as there's always been. In the next five to ten years I see renewed interest because of all the information that's available on line. Whether a lot of this information is sensationalistic or not doesn't really matter.It serves its...
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    "I've Been Studying"

    AMORC and Freemasonry are very much compatible. Both Orders compliment each other in many ways. The common denominator between them being "Enlightenment." I have been a member of both fraternities for many years and can attest to the positive effects they have equally had in my life. Both Orders...
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    General Albert Pike

    Albert Pike was many things. He was among other things a philosopher, teacher, poet, prolific writer, etc. He epitomizes the word genius. His insight of history as it pertained to the Craft, as well as Freemasonry's invisible and yet undeniable connection with other mystery schools was uncanny...
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    Rosicrucian PDFs or Articles?

    The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosencreutz is a journey of personal alchemy which is timeless and transformational. I think you might enjoy it. Peace and harmony bro. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using My Freemasonry HD mobile app
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    Rosicrucian PDFs or Articles?

    Rosicrucian and Masonic Origins by Manly p. Hall is a good book to read. It is interesting to see how both orders have progressed and the principles and motivators that they shared. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using My Freemasonry HD mobile app
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    Cliques, groups and so called "inner circles" are definitely a malady which affect not only some of our Lodges but work places, schools, places of worship etc. I can see how some of the brethren can be turned off by it. Starting these little inner groups is a man made prerogative. The one thing...
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    Catholic Priest & Freemason

    As human beings we always tend to get carried away by the outer form instead of by the essence of something. The core intrinsic value of all of the World's religions is pretty much the same. Although the messages may be delivered in a seemingly different format, if we get past superficialities...
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    Scottish Rite light

    The AASR is reputed to be "the University of Freemasonry." The degrees present beautiful lessons which add on to the strong structure you have built in the blue lodge. I became a 32 degree Mason in 2010 and look forward to going back to each reunion as you will always pick up on new things each...