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  1. jwardl

    Texas aprons

    I'd imagine it's perfectly legal by GLoT to wear your PM apron from a previous jurisdiction, especially if you maintain dual membership. The size difference would be moot.
  2. jwardl

    Texas aprons

    The dimensions of our apron have meaning, they're not just bigger for the sake of it. As jwhoff stated, brothers usually wear the lodge-provided aprons -- though we *can* wear our own if we so choose.
  3. jwardl

    Women Freemasons

    My girlfriend is on the fence about Masonry, as she doesn't care for any group that excludes others, whatever the reason. Fortunately, she simultaneously supports my membership and associated goals. As I see it, every group has requirements of their members -- a de facto exclusion of those who...
  4. jwardl

    Long Form v. Short Form Exams

    Though there is a part in the EA that used to be required, but is no longer. Pretty short though, so leaving it out doesn't significantly affect the length.
  5. jwardl

    Different lodge.

    I cannot speak of SC, though here in Texas you'd need to bring your current dues card and a picture ID to show its yours. You'd likely be asked to recite the Tiler's Oath -- and if the brothers who examined you so felt the need, might be asked to prove your regularity by demonstrating...
  6. jwardl

    Trying to join a lodge in Killeen Texas or near by need help!!!

    "Mainstream" is used for lack of a designation such as PH (Prince Hall). We also sometimes call ourselves "Blue Lodge." I'm at work and don't have the time to write an expansive history and explanation, but essentially, these are two different jurisdictions or "flavors" of Masonry. Both are...
  7. jwardl

    M&M's...Plain or Peanut.

    Peanut, definitely. The almonds aren't bad either.
  8. jwardl

    Women Freemasons

    I love women in general and one in particular -- and ladies are just as capable of practicing the precepts of Masonry as men are. That being said, I'm not in any hurry for us to start accepting them. This isn't misogyny or anything even close. Rather, look at police and military training -- as...
  9. jwardl

    Do you agree with the results of Annual Communications

    Indeed. We knew before going up. However, the MWPHGLOT didn't hold their GAC until about three weeks before ours, where their members voted. This is why there wasn't as much advance notice of it as there was of the other resolutions. Don't know if this is part of what those who are displeased...
  10. jwardl

    What would you like to see changed in the Masonic experience?

    lol Check your mail. Make sure you have the secret decoder ring on you. :)
  11. jwardl

    Why is Microsoft trying to ruin the internet?

    What app were you trying to access? Microsoft (and everybody, it seems) is moving to cloud-based computing. Hence, the user name & password you created was for cloud resources that Windows 8 automatically syncs to. You CAN create a local account in Windows 8 instead, but they don't make it easy...
  12. jwardl

    Prayers before meals

    More thought-provoking, Van. I have had discussions with brothers before about what constitutes a supreme being. What about polytheist faiths where members believe in multiple deities or one with multiple but distinct personas? Of course, as with many things Masonic, definitions are open to...
  13. jwardl

    Prayers before meals

    True -- though I believe this would apply only to those lodges who admit atheists, as all others to my knowledge require that their members are men who believe in a supreme being -- and hold prayers at the beginning and ending of every meeting, as well as before meals. As Blake mentioned, I'd...
  14. jwardl

    Seeking guidance

    Serious inquiries only? lol Good advice from Dalinkou. Each lodge has it's own "feel" and you should pursue membership with the one you feel most comfortable in -- yet one that's close to home or work so it's fairly easy to get to. Let us know if you have any further questions.
  15. jwardl

    Letter of good standing? In TX?

    A Letter of Good Standing means that you are current on your dues, and have not been suspended or expelled. One who doesn't meet those requirements wouldn't qualify. A brother would start by going to the Secretary of his lodge.
  16. jwardl

    Form of Address

    Well this thread has evolved... BTW: In Texas, we have a state honor such as that of a Kentucky Colonel: Admiral in the Texas Navy. In fact, our 2013 GM, Walter W. Rogers, was awarded this honor at our GAC in December.
  17. jwardl

    Prince Hall Emancipation Proclamation service

    I love to hear stories of brothers having each others' back. Perhaps now that things have changed in Texas, we'll be able to duplicate your success. Thanks!
  18. jwardl

    Prince Hall Emancipation Proclamation service

    I'm unaware of this ceremony, and don't know if it's performed in Texas (not being a PH Mason) Can you describe what takes place? I like the sound of the "... united Masonic front."
  19. jwardl

    Seeking a new local Blue lodge.

    To expand upon MRichard's post, there is Clear Lake Lodge #1417, in Seabrook. Though I've never visited, I've heard nothing but good things about it from brothers who have. It's at 1707 Les Talley Drive, and their Stated Meeting is the second Tuesday of each month, with dinner starting at 6:30.
  20. jwardl

    Chaplain ???

    That is your choice, brother, but it isn't uncommon for more than one man to aspire to a particular chair. It's the job of the incoming WM to appoint the available brother he feels is best suited for the job, however. Everyone involved can only hope that the brother(s) not chosen will...