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  1. RyanC

    Sons of Liberty

    I watch the first part last night, man did they take liberties (pun is intended) with history in this show
  2. RyanC

    How many new lodges ?

    Is this about new lodges or bed post?
  3. RyanC

    Time Capsule From Paul Revere, Sam Adams Uncovered

    I love how no news media will acknowledge that this plaque, a Freemason plaque was dedicated by the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts.
  4. RyanC

    How many new lodges ?

    Starting a new lodge with like mind brothers might be far easier than changing a old one. The T.O. Lodge we hope to start, will give what I hope I have been missing and what I thought Freemasonry was about, I will still be a member in my Mother Lodge because it will also give me the things that...
  5. RyanC

    How many new lodges ?

    Some of things that will be challenge will be, money, masonic regalia, members, a lodge room, officers (as per our Grand Lodge, the Master, Wardens, and Deacons can not hold those position in any other Lodge), every lodge in our region must approve of us forming this new lodge.
  6. RyanC

    How many new lodges ?

    I have been luck to be part of a group of Masons looking to start a new lodge, it will be a T.O. lodge. We hope to have a dispensation in April to Form the Lodge and hope that next year we will get a Charter. Right now we will start as a club to get all the ground work done, By-Laws, Officers...
  7. RyanC

    Question about switching lodges

    Just show up to the lodge, keep coming and after a few meetings ask to join the lodge.
  8. RyanC

    Answers to your Catholic Questions

    It was not a FC degree but joining a club with in the lodge that this happened.
  9. RyanC

    Why is it so hard to get Masons to join the Commandery?

    USMC defines Close Order Drill as; The object of close order drill is to teach Marines by exercise to obey orders and to do so immediately in the correct way. Close order drill is one foundation of discipline and esprit de corps. Additionally, it is still one of the finest methods for developing...
  10. RyanC

    Why is it so hard to get Masons to join the Commandery?

    I think people today want more out of Freemasonry, I think those that are joining today are less entitled when it comes to light in Masonry than those in the past. They are going out of their way to find information that most never tried to learn or where never thought. I agree I'm looking too...
  11. RyanC

    Why is it so hard to get Masons to join the Commandery?

    Just like begin a Grand Lodge Officer they have their own style of Blazers too.
  12. RyanC

    Why is it so hard to get Masons to join the Commandery?

    At some point the Dress change with the time, I think the time has come for it too change again.
  13. RyanC


    If you did not walk out you be breaking your obligation.
  14. RyanC

    Form of Address

    I meet him a few weeks ago he is really a nice guy,
  15. RyanC

    I ASKED...

    I would talk too or email the lodge's Secretary about what days they meet and coming to join in the dinner. Also express to him that you would like to join the fraternity. I know my lodge likes to dye it that way so as more members can get to know you.
  16. RyanC

    I ASKED...

    Keep showing up to the dinners before or after the meetings. Let them get to know you, and see that you truly want to join.
  17. RyanC

    Best Chapeaus

    First let me say sorry about hijacking the post. I find it crazy that any group would be that crazy about out dated uniforms, this why many don't join a appendant bodies. I thought is was to gain more light, not look like captain crunch.
  18. RyanC

    Back (ward?) to the Future

    The GM of NY is very in favor of TO lodges. I think we are past the point where most GM think TO lodges are out to destroy the Fraternity. In a TO lodge they have the best man/men in key positions, wow now their is a concept.
  19. RyanC

    So, what, really, is the difference between the SJ and the NMJ of Scottish Rite?

    Bro. Johnson's podcast 'Whence Came You' (which is very good everyone should give it a try) had a episode not to long ago about the Scottish Rite. He is a member of both the Northern and Southern and said that some of the ritual in the degrees are different between the two.
  20. RyanC

    Answers to your Catholic Questions

    As those of you know, I have a new name and I will be using it. I will be bowing out of this conversion and no longer address said person (the ignore button is nice), who is here not to learn but start trouble.